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Mount Huangshan Clay oven rolls Photos

Mount Huangshan Clay oven rolls

  Mount Huangshan Clay oven rolls

  Mount Huangshan Clay oven rolls got another name as Huangyin Clay oven rolls, Jiujia Clay oven rolls, Crab shell Clay oven rolls, it is a famous Han snack of mount Huangshan, province Anhui. The skin and stuffing are made by flour, fat meat, Preserved vegetable, sesame, salt and oil. The manufacture process include “soak the flour, make the dough, rub the dough, make up small pieces, make the kin, make the stuffing, close the cake, make the cake, brush the cake, spray the sesame on the cake, bake the cake”. The cake lies around the inside wall of the oven, after bake and braised bake in a few hours, it is finished. The newly cooked cake is golden-yellow, crispy and fresh, oil but not greasy, and very memorable. Mount Huangshan Clay oven rolls is a local snack of ancient Anhui. Once the dough is made thoroughly, it lies around the inside wall of oven fired by charcoal. Because it is small and easy to carry, and baked long time (very dry, not easy to turn bad) in the past, it is once carried around by merchant of Anhui across china with a well-known reputation.

  Mount Huangshan Clay oven rolls has many skins and thin. It is thick outside, but taste sweet, spicy and crispy. Once bite, it is crispy and brittle, left sweet all my mouth.

  Additionally Mount Huangshan Clay oven rolls are easy to save long time. It is baking long time, and very dry, thus easy for saving. Once wet, re-bake, then it is still very tasty. Because it is rubbed by flour, so very skin is so thin as a paper, after baking, it is soft, oily, tender and not greasy.

  Flour contains rich protein, cholesterol, Vitamin, Calcium, iron, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium those minerals. It is very healthful for heart, kidney, spleen and intestines. It can release heat and stop thirsty.

  Pork contain rich bronze which impacts blood, nervus centralis, immune system, and kidney. It contains rich fat for helping to keep warm and protect viscera, provide needy fatty acid, promote absorb fatty Vitamin, and increase satiety. It contains rich protein, provide heme and cys which promote absorb iron, and improve Iron-deficiency anemia.

  There is a fable regarding this dish. Zhu, yuanzhang came to a farmer’s house as refugee. He felt starving. The farmer served the clay oven rolls to Zhu, yuanzhang. He felt it was so tasty. The next year, when he became the new emperor, he appraised for the cake and renamed it as “Jiujia Clay oven rolls”.

  How to make Mount Huangshan Clay oven rolls First, make the favorite stuffing with pork and dried vegetable and then mixed with butter and egg.

  Mix 10g sugar, 30 g oil, 60g water, 100g flour, and 1/5 spoon baking powder for keeping rest 20 minutes.

  Paste the mix butter on one side of the flour skin.

  Roll around the buttered flour skin

  Make the flour skin even

  Cut the flour skin into pieces and press into round cake with stuffing Brush oil on top with sesame seeds and bake the cake Roast the cake 40 minutes for temperature up and down both 200 degrees.

  If you travel to Mount Huangshan, there is famous restaurant opposite to the Laojie. Buy it and share with friends and relatives, the most wonderful thing.

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