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Hebei(Chengde) Dining

Governor bean curd

  Governor bean curd is a traditional Chinese dish in Baoding, Hebei Province. The color of this dish is golden and the flavor is rich with a soft and tender taste. Governor bean curd is very delicious and healthful.  In Qing Dynasty, Zhili governor was stationed in Baoding. The Governor bean curd is an official dishes in the Governor's House. It is also related to Li Hongzhang who is an important minister of the late Qing Dynasty . Of all seventy-four governors of Province Zhili in Qing dynasty, Li Hongzhang is granted with the highest honor and attached to the most titles. He focus more on food and nutrition. The main cook in kitchen of Governor’s house use traditional cooking skills for a homemade tofu. But Li Hongzhang is unsatisfied with it. So the main cook put shrimp, scallops and other raw materials for re-done, the color of the dish turns light red and taste mellow, thus Li Hongzhang was very satisfied with it. This dish became a popular one for Li, hongzhang. Since then the dish was named by Descendants with "Governor bean curd".

Glutinous Rice Rolls with Sweet Bean Flour

  Glutinous Rice Rolls with Sweet Bean Flour is also known as “lvdagun".  In the last manufacture step: soy powder is needed to be sprinkled,  similar to the bursts of loess from the wild donkey rolling up in old Beijing suburbs , hence got the name "lvdagun”.Raw materials for “Lvdagun” are yellow rice flour, soy flour, red bean, sugar, sesame oil, sweet-scented Osmanthus, orange peel and melon seeds. The manufacture is divided into three steps:  making blanks, filling, and forming. The finished Glutinous Rice Rolls with Sweet Bean Flour is covered with soy flour in a golden color. Soybean powder is very fragrant while the stuffing is very sweet. “Lvdagun” usually tastes soft with a pleasant smell. When try this snack, the Bean fillings are almost melt in the mouth at the same time with the feeling that sweet is brought into the heart. Sipping is the best way to enjoy the food. “Lvdagun” is a traditional snacks for all ages. The completed Glutinous Rice Rolls with Sweet Bean Flour has three beautiful colors: yellow,white and red. It is a very popular snack that you can find it in every snack bars all year round.

Donkey burger

  Chinese saying goes, "the best meat in the sky is dragon meat, while the underground is donkey meat". The meat of Donkey is red, tender, chewy and texture. The meat of donkey has better fiber than beef at the same time with a better taste. The meat of donkey is not so greasy as pork and also doesn’t have the gamy odor like mutton. The meat of donkey is ranked as the toppest in all meats. Donkey meat is not only delicious, but also is quite healthful. Modern medical research shows that donkey meat is a low-fat, high-protein food with a high content of calcium, phosphorus, iron.  Donkey Burger must be eaten hotly. In order to make donkey burger taste better, it need to be added some fat inside, only the hot burger can melt the fat meat for the flavor penetrating through the meat and the burger. Take a bite at the hot and crisp donkey burger, the delicious aroma of donkey meat is exudate outside. Chew into mouth, both the fresh donkey meat and the crispy burger becomes the most delicious food in the world.  Donkey burger is divided into Baoding donkey burger and Hejian donkey burger. The two are different basically from manufacture, appearance and taste. The difference is mainly in the following areas: for the appearance , Hejian donkey burger is rectangular while Baoding donkey burger is round. Donkey meat is also the biggest and key difference. From the manufacture, the Hejian donkey meat is made by sauce while the Baoding donkey meat is made by brine. When insert into the burger, the cold Hejian donkey meat inserted in the hot burger taste crispy and tender however the Baoding donkey meat is hot with a rich oder.

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