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  Beijing, also Romanized as Peking is the capital of China. The city of culture, administration, duck and wall is located on the plain with four distinctive seasons. Beijing’s history dates back to over 3000 years and was the capital for 6 dynasties. The whole city area is about 16800 square kilometers, divided into 14 districts and has a population of more than 20 million. It is known for its rich scenic and historic sites, in the possession of seven UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Sites that are popular tourist destinations. Beijing is the city where you experience Chinese ancient culture and modern civilization with family, friends or as an individual.   Tour with us on your trip to Beijing and stand an opportunity to see just how big and different this side of the world really is!!! Let’s witness the magnificent Great Wall, one of eight wonders of the world. Leave footprints in the palace where the Emperor's reigned and lived, explore the imperial court in the Forbidden City, be a guest in traditional local homes in Hutongs and taste Chinese cuisine. Hand-touch historical windows and doors visiting the essence of architecture in the Temple of Heaven ;Get a feeling of ancestral sacrifice the in Temple of Heaven atmosphere, appreciate national culture quintessence at the Beijing opera and learn some powerful kungfu!!   Experience both bus and private guided travels in Beijing. You can sign up for dedicated tours, like the Beijing Great Wall Day Tour, or opt for one of the highlights day tours. Take time to appreciate architecture, the rich scenery and the city’s glorious history.


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Jinshanling great wall
Jiuhua Spa Resort
Juyongguan Pass Great Wall
Kangxi grassland
Lama Temple
Mansion of Prince Gong
Ming Tombs
Mutianyu Great Wall
Olympic Center
Oriental Provence lavender manor
Peking Man Site at Zhoukoudian
Peking Opera Show
Pinggu glass plank
Simatai Great Wall
Stone Flower Cave
Summer Palace
Temple of Confucius in Beijing
Temple of Heaven
The Sacred Way
Tiananmen Square
Beijing Famous Food
Beijing show
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