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Henan is located in the Central of China, covers an area of 16.7 million square kilometers and has a population of about 94 million people.It is China's the largest population province and the first agricultural province. Henan is one of the main origins of the Chinese nation and the Chinese civilization. One of the three great stone carving art treasures in China-Luoyang Longmen Grottoes,The Millennium Temple Shaolin Temple in Dengfeng,the hometown of Tai Chi in Chenjiagou in WenCounty,Oracle’s discovery field -the ruins of Anyang,are all here.Three great inventions of the compass, papermaking and gunpowder were invented in Henan in the four great inventions of ancient China.If you love to explore the oriental culture and Chinese civilization,Henan is like a vast natural history museum,a textbook of Chinese history and culture that can be seen, touched and entered. Henan not only has rich cultural tourism resources, but also has a unique natural landscape.Baiyun Mountain, the most beautiful place in China, landscape tourism destination-Yuntai,the exclusive mountain, Songshan,Henan pearl -South bay lake are all belong to Henan.And kaifeng Qingming shanghe garden which is the stereo reproduction of the Song Dynasty painting "Qingming Festival", you can see the ancient capital of the high street and customs in one thousand when you here. In this ancient land, there are the world famous places of interests,majestic mountains of the river, long history of cultural ancient capitals,rare historical relics.The connotation of oriental culture is rich and profound that worth exploring and taste slowly!


Recommended Hot Line
Longmen Grottoes
Luoyang Museum
Mount Song
Qingming Riverside Landscape Garden
Shaolin Monastery
Shenzhou Peony Garden
The Chariot and Horse Pits
White Horse Temple
Yuntai Mountain
Henan Famous Food
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