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    Jiaoshan Great Wall   

       Jiaoshan Great Wall is located about 1.9 miles (3 km) from Shanhaiguan ancient city. It is named after Jiaoshan Mountain, which is the highest peak to the north of Shanhaiguan Pass and also the first mountain the Great Wall climbs up after Shanhaiguan Pass. Therefore the mountain is noted as "The first mountain of the Great Wall".

      To explore the real Jiaoshan Ancient Wall, visitors have to climb over a wall cemented to No.3 watch tower of the repaired section. Unlike the newly restored wall, the ancient wall provides you a sense of historical vicissitude. Walking on the dilapidated wall is a great challenge. The wall appears more and more crumbled and deformed as you forge ahead. In some sections, the wall is only built on one side, with the other side being the deep cliffs. In some sections, the mountain ridge is functioned as the wall, which is called by experts "mountain-supported wall". Watch your steps when you enter this zone. Look out to the southeast, and you will see a watch tower standing at the top of a lonely hill. It is Zhenlu Platform (translated as "Suppress Enemies Platform"). Gaze to the northwest, and you can find Qixian Temple dimly hidden in the thick forest. It is the place where Xiao Xian studied. (Xiao Xian was a noted calligrapher in Ming Dynasty who inscribed for the plaque "The First Pass under Heaven" in Shanhaiguan Pass).

    Jiaoshan Great Wall

    After a one-hour's difficult climb, you will arrive at Dapingding Peak, the main peak of Jiaoshan Mountain. Stand on the top and look west, you can see the full extent of Yansai Lake, and watch northeast, you will get a panoramic view of Changshou (Longevity) Mountain Scenic Area. To the south, you can see the full shot of Jiaoshan Great Wall and Shanhaiguan City, if weather permits, Laolongtou and Bohai Sea can also be vividly recognized afar.

      Jiaoshan Ancient Wall turns east from Dapingding Peak. It first noses down the eastern slope of Dapingding Peak, climbs over Liumianding Mountain and then arrives at Sandaoguan Pass which is actually a twin watch tower. The travel from Dapingding Peak to Sandaoguan Pass takes about one hour, and also, it is a thorny track which is difficult to reach. You will have entered Changshou Mountain Scenic Area at the end of this trekking.


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