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      Hong Kong has two big amusement parks, and Ocean Park is the older of the two. It has an area of about 200 acres on the hills and shore of the southern part of Hong Kong Island. It is Hong Kong's favorite park, and attracts the most visitors. It is currently in the top 15 of the world's most visited parks.There are a lot of attractions related to displays of animal species such as dolphin shows and a jelly fish aquarium as well as big amusement park rides. The view of the sea along the coast is beautiful and fun when viewed high up from the roller-coaster rides or other thrill rides or the tram that passes over the sea that is a highlight in itself. Hong Kong Ocean Park can be a fun day with your family and friends.

      Hong Kong Ocean Park is a marine park,amusement park,animal laboratory,zoo combination. So while you can watch amusing dolphin shows in the poolside public stands,there is a serious research program for breeding and care of animals going on in the same area.The park's laboratory was the first to artificially inseminate and breed a bottlenose dolphin. The park is large enough to require several means of mass transit. It is divided into the Waterfront section and the Summit section. The rides are among the best in the world, and the animal exhibits including both land and water animals are world-class.

      The water animal exhibits include a walk through shark aquarium where you walk through an underwater tunnel and see species of sharks from around the world. In the Atoll Reef aquarium area, there are perhaps 2,000 fish of scores of species in an aquarium four stories tall. The stars of the underwater displays were rare giant Chinese sturgeons that were sent by the government of China. But several died, and the remaining two were sick and were sent back to China in 2009. It is estimated that there are only about 1,000 Chinese sturgeons left.


    Ocean Park

      The land animal exhibits include aviaries, the Amazing Birds Show, and the Amazing Asian Animals Exhibit. In the Amazing Asian Animals Exhibit, you can find rare and interesting land animals. There are currently four pandas that are almost extinct in the wild. These animals are probably China's favorite, and mainland Chinese visit to see them. They are named An An, Jia Jia, Ying Ying, and Le Le.

      There may also be "small pandas", also called red pandas. These smaller animals are even more interesting than pandas in my opinion because they look like large, unusually long house cats. But their coloring and way of moving is extraordinary and non-catlike. I was amazed when I saw some. Most people don't know that this type of animal exists.They are not feline animals. Like pandas, they seem to sleep a lot.

      There are about 20 amusement rides.The rides includes a large Ferris wheel, two roller coasters including The Dragon that reaches a top speed of 77 kilometers an hour, a water ride, and a free fall drop deck called The Abyss that that is a tall steel girder tower 20 stories high that has two cabins that drop down to the ground in about 5 seconds. The newer rides are being built to attract young people looking for thrills.

      In order to get around in the park and see the views, there are also transportation rides including Ocean Express, a tram system, and the world's second longest outdoor escalator that transports people in the area. It is expected that there will be an MTR route to the park.


    Ocean Park

      The park was opened on January 10, 1977. It was founded by Hong Kong Governor Sir Murray MacLehose and funded, built and managed by the Kong Kong Jockey Club that is a large private charity, horse racing, recreation, gambling, and sports organization.

      It is kind of unique because it is a non-profit and private large amusement park that also conducts laboratory research on breeding animals. Other things that make the park unique is that it has 4 giant pandas that are rare in the world and also a unique large jellyfish aquarium. China's government sent the pandas, and they are included in the Amazing Asian Animals exhibit.

      On July 1, 1987, the government established a trust fund with money from the Jockey Club under the Ocean Park Corporation Ordinance . The park administration was separated from the Jockey Club, and it became a non-profit entity of its own then.

      In the fiscal year 2007-2008, Ocean Park received about five million visitors so that it was among the top 15 theme parks in annual attendance that year. In 2005, Hong Kong Disneyland opened and is giving the park some stiff competition, but it is still the most popular park. To attract more visitors, it has had a 6 year plan for large scale development and adding land property. This development plan may cost as much as almost a billion US dollars.

      One of the newest attractions that opened in 2009 is a new rail system that can transport thousands of people in an hour. It is called the Ocean Express, and it runs parallel to a previously built cable car system. It is similar to the Victoria Peak Tram that transports people from Central District to the peak on Hong Kong Island.

  • 2 Day Hongkong Highlighted Private Tour

    2 Day Hongkong Highlighted Private Tour

    An autonomous territory, and former British colony, characterised with one of the most vibrant, densely populated urban centres is also a major port and global financial hub with a skyscraper-studded skyline. Hong Kong is definately a major shopping destination, famed for the great City-gate Outlets. Take this custom made tour and experience a penetrating look around the rolling mountains nearby in Ngong Ping 360 and venture to the biggest sitting Bronze Buddha in the world; enjoy an authentic local style lunch in Tai O Fishing Village featuring many local style architecture; admire the HK Convention and Exhibition Centre famous for the Golden Bauhinia statue witnessing the independence of HK from UK; have a panoramic view of the Repulse Bay from the Victoria Peak; and finally enrich your imagination at the Ocean Park.

    Price : from USD 367

  • 1 day city tour of Hong Kong including the Repulse Bay and the Ocean Park

    1 day city tour of Hong Kong including the Repulse Bay and the Ocean Park

    Hong Kong is a fascinating combination of East and West, but it has its own unique and distinctive culture. On the tour, take in Victoria Peak, Hong Kong's number one tourist destination which features the 112 year old Peak Tram leading you to the top for overlooking the Repulse Bay. Besides, the Ocean Park satisfies your imagination on the sea world and animals. Having a close look at Aberdeen Harbor by Sampan makes you venture into another style of life on the water slum. With a guide, you'll get to learn about the city's history and modern-day environment, and receive insider tips on how to enjoy the rest of your stay.

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  • 1-Day Private Tour of Best View In Hongkong with Ocean Park

    1-Day Private Tour of Best View In Hongkong with Ocean Park

    Hong Kong sure is worth a trip as it is the hub of a wide variety of cultures and lifestyles. Get the chance to notice sky touching towers and ponder upon the rooted traditional way of living. A private one day tour provides an impressive experience for those who would like a unique and detailed overview of Hong Kong including Tsingma Bridge offering you panoramic views of the scenery nearby from the viewing platform, a round way trip of Ngong Ping 360 for having a penetrating view of the vistas of the South Sea and mountainous terrain of Lantau Island, the Big Buddha which is one of the largest seated Buddha statues in the world and the ocean park with so many fun activities to feast your eyes and imagination on.

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    Four day private tour to Hong Kong and Guangzhou including Ocean Park and Pearl river night cruise

    This four days tour takes you to two of China’s most sought-after destinations: Hong Kong and Guangzhou combining the best of the two tourist hot spots including taking a ferry ride through Victoria Harbour for scenic city views, riding the Peak Tram up to Victoria Peak and enjoying a spectacular aerial view of Hong Kong, enjoying the wonder of Ocean Park, visiting the legendary Family Chen Temple, strolling the idyllic Yuyin Gardens, visiting Shameen Island, enjoying a picturesque ferry ride across the Pearl River, admiring panoramic views of Guangzhou from Canton Tower, Marveling at the beautiful scenery in Lotus Mountain and Yuyin Shan Fang. The tour covers lunch, a private vehicle, a friendly guide, train and ferry fares.

    Price : from USD 519

  • 4 day private tour: the best sightseeings of Hongkong and Guangzhou

    4 day private tour: the best sightseeings of Hongkong and Guangzhou

    Join this tour for a "Taste of China" and get a full introduction of Hong Kong's and Guangzhou's top highlights that shouldn't be missed providing you the chance to uncover their rich diversity in cultural heritage and scenic charm. In HK take the tram to the top of Victoria Peak overlooking the Repulse Bay; Experience the City Life from Victoria Harbor, Tsim Sha Tsui, Wong Tai Sin, Nan LIan Garden,and Lantau Island; Take the Ngong Ping 360 cable car and venture into the biggest sitting bronze Buddha in the world; In Guangzhou, view the elegant Yuexie Park; Learn history from relics of Nanyue King Museum; Take a cruise on the Pearl River;Get familiar with the family tree at the Chen Family Temple; Pay homage to Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall; and marvel at the Unique architecture of Liurong Temple.

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  • 6 Days Enchanting Honeymoon tour in Hong Kong and Macau

    6 Days Enchanting Honeymoon tour in Hong Kong and Macau

    Fascinating nightlife, scenic attractions, breath-taking destinations, friendly people and delicious cuisine are the major things that allure this beautiful city. Hong Kong pulls a great crowd of visitors all year round and next to Hong Kong is another inviting place Macau, a small peninsula. Those who come to visit Hong Kong also put Macau in their must visit list which is why we have specially prepared an amazing 6-day package for your honeymoon to allow you to indulge in local flavours in the exotic restaurants of Hong Kong and explore the UNESCO world heritage sites of Macau. Book this tour and grab the best deal; hotel pickup , round-trip vehicle transfers to the ferry terminal, private guides and meals are all inclusive.

    Price : from USD 1038

  • Three-day HK sightseeing tour

    Three-day HK sightseeing tour

    With a history that reads like a classic novel, there's so much to see and do in Hong Kong. Immerse yourself in a city that never stops to experience its vibrance and distinctive blend of the finest Chinese and international cuisine, brands, and entertainment together with celebrated sightseeing attractions. On the tour be part of a shopper's paradise, a cultural kaleidoscope, a vibrant nightlife and the perfect holiday destination. Book this all inclusive package and get the best deals in town.

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  • One day horse racing tour in HK

    One day horse racing tour in HK

    Hong Kong’s horse racing is so embraced with one of the world’s best tracks, this is where world-class race meets manic crowds and it is indeed a must stop whether you want to gamble or just race for fun. Experience the excitement of Hong Kong’s horse racing culture. Choose from two most popular tracks “Happy Valley Racecourse” or the “Sha Tin racecourse”. The package Includes round-trip, hotel transfer and a private guide.

    Price : from USD 95

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