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Zhouzhuang in Four Seasons

  Zhouzhuang in Four Seasons  Zhouzhuang in Four Seasons is a live-action performance that depicts the everyday life of the water town's residents and is a window opening to the world for showing classical traditionally south watery culture.  The total staff covers over 300 actors including both professionals and the local residents, such as farmers, fishermen, and average citizens. The whole show is full of living lives. The show takes a background of small bridge, flowing water and household, those classical environments and quite elegant, queer, regional, cultural, visiting, rooting, artistic ranked as the top of performances.  There are three performances in the show including fishing songs, fishing women and fishing lantern. In the chapter “sailing” which combine acrobatic fully show the saga of “Shen, Wansan” a very successful business men having international trade with exotics via the convenient watery path in Zhouzhuang; while the spring scene of “four seasons in zhouzhuang” in dance “drizzle lane in small town” is a real spot performance really rival with “version of Evening for Spring Festival”. The autumn scene “harvest” reappears the harvest time of watery lands with dotted autumn harvest background including rice, ox, farmers on the stage and sounds noisy.  “Folk Zhouzhuang” is full of rich folk culture everywhere. Welcoming the God of Wealth and Tian Cai Tian are both watery traditions, together with the ” picking flower basket”, “the main prop of which is a stick decorated at both ends”, “swinging the boat in the lake” in real life and etc folk custom performance, fully pass around the best wish of praying for good harvest, happiness and health of local citizens. “The watery wedding” depict the tradition wedding of bowing the fast boat to get married the bride, via the interaction between audience and actors for reaching the peak of performance.  The whole performance is quite excellent and it fully recalls the simple life of citizen in Zhouzhuang. The normal and aboriginal life is the hottest selling point. The show last one hour and fills with laughers. It looks everyone take part in the daily life of local citizen around four seasons, and feel so lovely and simple for the local citizens. There are many actors in the whole performance with vivid acting, at same time combine acrobatic, dance, humorous dialogue, visual and sound, take on a noisy and exciting picture.

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