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Beijing Aquarium

Beijing Aquarium

Tour Code : C1715
Type : Show , Watch the animals
City / Province : Beijing
Built in : 1999 A.D.


It's the largest inland aquarium in the world, walking in the romantic undersea tunnel to enjoy the various beautiful ocean creatures, besides you can see wonderful animal performances and experience authentic tropical forests.

Beijing Aquarium

Beijing Aquarium is the largest and most advanced inland aquarium in China, covering a total area of 4.2 hectares. It is designed in conch shape with orange and blue as its main color, symbolizing the mysterious vast sea and endless vitality of marine life. The aquarium has seven halls: Rainforest Wonder, Beach, Shark Hall, Whale and Dolphin Bay, Seabed Travel, Chinese Acipenser Sinensis Museum and  Ocean Theater.


Visitors will be fascinated by the beautiful blue world upon entering the aquarium and get close to ocean creatures. One will also feel like returning to nature upon entering the miniature rainforest that consists the primeval jungles of the Amazon Basin, home to over 100 species of rainforest fish and freshwater fish. Sea elephant, man-eating fish, variegated carp, glass catfish and many other rare and precious fish are found here.

Seabed travel takes visitors to the bottom of the sea. The undersea tunnel leads you into a colorful and calm ocean world, with all kinds of fish swimming inside the circular tank. Visitors can virtually touch the belly of the furious white sharks and shake hands with turtles. The 32 fish tanks exhibit fancy fishes from home and abroad and visitors will surely gain much knowledge about them during the visit.


Finally, the Ocean Theater is a venue where animals perform their tricks. It has a capacity for 3,000 viewers, with hot and romantic Hawaii scenery in the background. The incomparably superior performance from these animal stars win rapturous applause from spectators every day.

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