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Tianjin Dining

Erduoyan fried glutinous rice cake

  Erduoyan fried rice cake  Since you visit Tianjin, Erduoyan fried rice cake is a must-go snack for you. It is named together with Goubuli stuffed bun, 18th Street Fried Dough Twists as the three specialties in Tianjin with a history of nearly hundred year.  Erduoyan fried rice cake has the feature of yellow, soft, hard and fragrant. Erduoyan fried rice cake has glutinous rice as skin, red bean and white ground sugar as stuffing. After fried it, the cake is like a yellow ball floating in the hot oil, with golden-yellow color, rugged face, but crispy outside, tender inside. When tasty, it has a pleasant smell. When bite, it is crispy, sweet and soft. The skin is so crispy, once bite, the juicy can come out automatically. It tastes better during it is hot. But beware of the heat inside.  Erduoyan fried rice cake is delicious with a special flavor. It contains high-protein, carbohydrate, corase fiber, Calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium, magnesium which very benefit for health. It can tonify, warm stomach and stop diarrhea, make the mind and face both peace and beauty, benefit Spleen and reduce dampness, reducing fever and causing diuresis, and detumescence by detoxification.  How to get the name “Erduoyan fried rice cake” In the past, when the people living in north offer name of an area, sometimes it was named after the shape of area. Such as, a hutong with the entrance is rather narrow, but the middle back is quite wide with spacious room, in the shape of erduoyan. Thus the Hutong got the name erduoyan. The fried rice cake restaurant was close to Erduoyan Hutong, thus got the name Erduoyan fried rice cake . It is originally made in year Guangxu of Qing dynasty (1900), muslim Liu, wanchun made the cake. For the delicious and cheap cake, Liu,wan chun was named as fried cake Liu. Because “cake” and Gao has same pronunciation, however Gao means “be richer and successful”, for this reason, Erduoyan fried rice cake is sold so well until now. Now many famous snack restaurants in Tianjin sells Erduoyan fried rice cake, you might have a try, for both enjoying delicious taste and the good blessing.

Goubuli steamed dumplings

  Tianjin Goubuli stuffed bun  Tianjin Goubuli stuffed bun is a traditional Tianjin snacks and ranked as one of three specialties of Tianjin. Nowadays, Goubuli stuffed bun is so well-known that it became another name for Tianjin.  Goubuli steamed bun is so white, small and lovely. The skin of the steamed bun is evenly wrapped and each with pleats not less than 15. Its outside looks like an autumn chrysanthemum in the thin fog. Except pretty outside, when served, it is soft and mix fragrance of wheat powder, meat and onion, it taste extremely delicious. When bite, oily, but not greasy, however very fresh. The skin of steamed bun is thin, but hard; the ground meat mixed with ginger, sauce, sesame oil, SMG, spare rib soup, taste fresh but not greasy. The finished steamed bun keeps intact, at same time maintain the shape of Chrysanthemum. Under current modern skills, after improvement inherited from tradition, there came into being 6 categories and 98 various steamed bun. The cook invented “Jinzhen steamed bun”, “Longfeng steamed bun”, “Yuanyang steamed bun”, “Parsley steamed bun”, “assorted steamed bun”,” Prawns leek steamed bun” with cooking skill of steam, hot boil, roast and fried based on the raw material of chicken duck, fish and meat, seafood, seasoned vegetable, wild grass and mushrooms.  Goubuli steamed bun does not mean “dog ignore”. In Daoguang of Qing Dynasty, there was a farmer who had a son in his 40. In order to keep safe, he gave name “dog” to his son. Late “dog” himself opened a steamed bun shop and invented skill of “watery filling” and “half-leaven dough” for the steamed bun soft and fresh, in the shape of Chrysanthemum. The steamed bun was so delicious and attracted lots of clients. “Gog” was so busy and did not have time to talk with anyone. As time passing by, the steamed bun made by “Dog” was named as “Goubuli”. Nowadays, after one and half century, people loved Goubuli. In Nov., 2011, Goubuli steamed bun was granted as the third national cultural relics as the manual skill of traditional manufacture. Goubuli is well-known around the world. King Norodom Sihanouk once visited Goubuli steam bun restaurant in Tianjin and asked the cook for making the steamed bun for him meanwhile tasted the porridge and pickles together according to the tradition. When president of USA George Bush once worked in Beijing before, he went to Goubuli steamed bun restaurant for try. For tourists to Tian jin, Goubuli steamed bun is a must, the same as the tourist climb up Great Wall in Beijing.

Black garlic diced beef

  Black garlic seed beef  Black garlic seed beef is a local cuisine of Tianjin. Except Tianjin, It is hard to find this cusine. Black garlic seed beef is a must-go dish for those who visit Tianjin.  The cuisine has the feature of tender meat, fresh taste, and feels sweet and spicy. From the name, obviously garlic and beef are main ingredient of the dish. Black pepper, oyster sauce are the key seasonings. The dish demands high on seasoning of pickling and cooking the dish. The texture of beef is rather rough, only pickling for a while, the meat can absorb the flavor of seasoning. In order to make the beef more tasty, it needs to absorb sauce, ground black pepper, cooking alcohol, salt. In order to make the beef more tender, beef should mix with egg and starch. At last, veg root, onion, carrot, tomato should be added for pickling beef. One reason is to wipe off the stink of beef, another reason is when served, the beef has veg flavor. When eating, though beef with veg fragrant, but can not see where the veg it is. When cooling, put little butter, add black pepper and oyster sauce, the three seasonings makes the beef taste pleasant. This dish combine western and Chinese method in cooking, though not complicated, but if well-done, there still require a lot of work. Currently the best dish is served by Guiyuan restaurant located at No. 103, Chengdu road, Heping district.  The beef is wrapped with thick sauce, meanwhile with butter flavored garlic, it looks very tasty. The beef seed is big, in appropriate ratio of lean and fat, hard but tender, the cooking is appropriately done, the beef is not over-cooked, without the stink of beef. Black pepper play an important role, it makes the beef fresh and tender with little sweet, not hard and soft. The dish is more tasty with sauce. If you like garlic, but care about the smell, then this dish can meet your taste however you do not need to worry about the bad smell of garlic in this dish.  Beef contains high protein, low fat, and various amino acid and mineral, high rate of chemical absorption, and it can develop immunity from disease, promote protein metabolism and synthesis and warm stomach.

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