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Black Dragon Pool

Black Dragon Pool Beijing

Tour Code : C2073
Type : Natural landscape
City / Province : Beijing
Built in : Natural landscape


It’s located in Shicheng Town, Miyun County in the northeast suburb of Beijing. Featuring wonderful water scenery, it is an amazing summer resort for nature lovers. Three waterfalls and eighteen pools, with unique characteristics, are scattered along the serpentine watercourse.

Black Dragon Pool Beijing

  Black Dragon Pool lies at a 4-kilometer long canyon with a water gap of 220 meter, from northwest of Lupi Pass of Town Shicheng of County Miyun, in a distance of 100 kilometers to Beijing. There are altogether eighteen famous ponds including “Chunhua, Qiuyue, Pingsha, Luoyan, Qu, Die, Chen, Xuan over eighteen ponds dotted along the deep valley, in various shapes, with respective unique traits. The Canyon is named as Gulu Yu, winding through the mountain, with odd and steep walls stationed on both two sides.

  Black Dragon Pool bears three features:

  New: There are so many waterfalls in the 4-kilometer long deep canyon, incomparable from other areas of Beijing. From beginning to ending, everything is new and unrepeated. Started from the first pool, you will be led into a wonderland with an easy spirit, very willing to go forward. The waterfall goes down vertically, so steep, same as a 50-meter waterfall coming from the heaven directly, with smoking around amidst in the valley and facing cold-air directly. Pond Luoyan is made by the force from the waterfall falling from the heaven, the pond is wide with deep water, the water covers an area of over 100 square meters with a depth from 3 to 4 meters. The terrain is comparatively wide, in clad with peaks, green mountains and beautiful water, Pebble Beach, and bloom wild flower. Every spring and near winter, the wild goose perch for food and water, thus got the name Pond LuoyanOdd: the valley is deep and serene, every natural scene is a wonder. The canyon is carved as odd from scenery, scenery from odd, unexpectedly and mythically by the nature.

  Danger: Black Dragon Pool is both magnificent and dangerous for the loud noise from the waterfalls, quick pond-water bending, steep peaks, deep valley and narrow path. While climbing up ladders or stepping across the bridge, scenery can be viewed from the danger, if prefer in danger but not in danger, you will always not experience the interest from exploring the danger, the scenery in danger brings strength to the tourist, one can deeply involve with “one who not visit a true pond is not a real man”. Until now, there is still one fable regarding the black dragon pool, in ancient, two dragons, when separated the home, the honest elderly brother gave the “white dragon pool” to his younger brother white dragon, and he himself came to the Gulu Yu by himself. At that time, there was not any water or grass. The black dragon turned into a young fellow, working all day and night, the god from the west mountain see the black dragon both honest and working hard, he sent him a colored belt and eighteen pearls. Black dragon poured pearls into Gulu Yu and the eighteen odd ponds since came into being.

  In winter, you can take a look at the ices in eighteen lakes and three waterfalls which are so transparent and crystal-like. The canyon is carved for a wonderful and odd scenery with various icefall, ice hanging and icicles. There are a over 8 thousand square meters of entertainment on the ice and at the foothill, there is a big area of pine and rattan above the mountain with fresh air. In winter, it is ice-launched with a number of recreational activities, such as ice skating, ice skating sit and ice ladder which give you and family a fancy experience on ice.

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