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Huanghuacheng Lakeside Great Wall

Huanghuacheng Lakeside Great Wall

Tour Code : C2074
Type : Historic sites , Natural landscape
City / Province : Beijing
Built in : Ming Dynasty


Huanghuacheng is the only lakeside Great Wall in Beijing. It is one of the top destinations for a Great Wall hiking tour. Visitors can also take a boat to appreciate the Great Wall at Huanghuacheng from a different angle.

Huanghuacheng Lakeside Great Wall

  It was built in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), located at Jiuduhe Town, Huairou District, 65 kilometers from Beijing City. This section of the great wall is 10,800 meters long and it is a resort with mountains, lakes and the ancient Great Wall.

  When summer comes, the entire village under the Huanghuacheng is immersed in a sea of yellow wild flowers. Hence, this village got the name Hunghuacheng, and this section is called Huanghuacheng Lakeside Great Wall.

  Huanghuacheng Lakeside Great Wall is famous for the three beautiful scenery. The first is the Great Wall hovering on the ridge of the mountains, surrounded by Hao Ming Lake, the scenery is spectacular. The second is the lake breaks off the great wall naturally.That forms a special landscape that the lake is surrounding by the great wall and the great wall is flooded by the water.The third is there is chestnut orchard near the great wall, the old tree which was planted in Ming Dynasty is in different shapes and the branches are cross together.

  This section of the Great Wall was built 600 years ago. It is not only the north gate of Beijing but also an important gateway to guard the Ming Tombs. As a stone structure,it is majestic, steep, towering and ancient.

  Hao Ming Lake is surrounded by mountains,the water is clear and the area is large. Fish frolics in the lake and you can see rippling shining water.

  The Great Wall Under Water, its formation is due to the water level rise caused by dam. The great wall in the low parts was submerged in water. It is a unique scenery in China.

  Chestnut Orchard has thousands of acres and has more than 40 old trees.They were planted by the soldiers of Ming Dynasty. Although they have experienced years of wind and frost, still thick with leaves and deep-rooted.

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