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Shilinxia Glass Viewing Platform

Shilinxia Glass Viewing Platform

Tour Code : C2204
Type : Natural landscape
City / Province : Beijing
Built in : 2015


It is claimed to be the largest sightseeing platform in the world, hanging 32.8 meters out from the cliff with a jaw-dropping scenic view. The breathless feeling of walking above glass platform brings shakes and challenges to visitors.

Shilinxia Glass Viewing Platform

Shilinxia Scenic Area is located in Pinggu district, 70 kilometers northeast of Beijing. It features by grotesque stones, towering and piercing peaks, lush forest and doted crystal-clear streams and waterfalls.


The steps in the Shilinxia are quite steep and will consume lots of energy. Although it provides cable car, there is quite a long distance to the top of the mountain.


While the UFO Glass Viewing Platform, built in 2006, make this attraction more famous, which was constructed with aerospace poggipolini material, alloy steel, high-strength cable, and crystal glass. It hangs 32.8 meters out from the cliff with an area of 415 square meters, which is more than two times in the area and 11 meters longer than Grand Canyon Skywalk, the eighth world wonder. When you standing on the glass viewing platform, have a feast eye of far-reaching Golden Sea Lake and Pan mountains, so magnificent! Once you look down, you might be frightened since the height is more than 400 meters and the glass is totally transparent. Hands get wet and feet start shivering, and you might be agitated to get ground safely.


And there are some amusement facilities at Shilinxia, such as sky fly, rotating slide, bumper car, merry-go-round etc.

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