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Baoguo Temple(Emei Mountain)

Baoguo Temple(Emei Mountain)

Tour Code : C2351
Type : Historic sites
City / Province : Sichuan (Chengdu Jiuzhaigou)
Built in : 1615


The focal point of Buddhist activity, the largest and the first temple to be built at Emei Mountain region situated as if it is the gate to Mount Emei. It is the oldest temple that holds annual Buddhist festivals and ceremonies.

Baoguo Temple(Emei Mountain)


Baoguo Temple was constructed in 1573 in the reign of Wanli during the time of the Ming Dynasty. The Kangxi Emperor at that time wrote the horizontal tablet himself and it still exists at the mountain gate named "the Bao Guo Temple". The temple faces the sun rising on the east each and every morning and setting every other evening. The temple has four buildings which seem to be leaning towards the face of the mountain Emei arranged according to height with the tallest nearest to the mountain.

Major attractions and activities to do on a visit

A visit here gives you ancient Buddhist vibes with the architectural design of the temple looking like a classical Chinese courtyard. There are several halls at the temple such as the Great Buddha Hall, Maitreya Hall; the Great Buddha Hall and the Seven Buddha Hall.

There is a colorful glaze porcelain Buddhist statue with golden lights, lotus form leaves and dressed in lotus outfits with a thousand Buddha looking very unique and displaying great craftsmanship dating back to the Ming Dynasty.  

In addition to this there is also a magnificent Ming Dynasty bell hanging by the gate of the temple at 2.3 meters high and has a gross weight of about 10 tons near a newly constructed pavilion. When struck it can be heard from miles away the peaceful and tranquil mountain scape symbolizing the presence of important ceremonies and holidays held at the temple.

The purple copper Huayan Tower can also not be missed while on a tour. It was set up in Wanli Year during the time of the Ming Dynasty and it is enshrined with more than 4700 Buddha statues at a height of 7 meters with 14 layers.

For refreshments, there is a simple canteen specializing in a few buddhist vegan dishes located at the courtyard inside Baoguo temple.

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