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Dandan noodles Photos

Dandan noodles

  Dandan Noodle

  Dandan Noodle with peppery sauce is a famous cuisine of both Chengdu and Zigong of Sichuan. The food got the name from its unique selling method. It is said the porters peddle on the street and sell the noddle. The carrying pole is made by hard wood, on one end of pole, loaded with the operation utensils including noodle, meat, vegetable and various seasonings and on the other end of pole is loaded with furnace and small bellows. The noodle can be done immediately. The porter carry the pole on the shoulder, while walking, while selling, thus got the name “Dandan Noodle”.

  One delicious Dandan Noodle need both thin and hard noodle, but crispy and fragrant broth. Both are compulsory. Alkaline noodles is preferred for its strength. Once the noodle is done, it is spread dipped with sesame oil for cooling down in order to prevent it is sticky. Dandan Noodle is famous for its broth. For its special seasoning and sauce, Dandan Noodle has many seasonings including salt, SMG, sauce, Vinegar, pepper oil, sesame oil, sugar, ground rice, bean sprouts, onion and few soup, some even add more ground peanut and sesame for more pleasant flavor. Though sound complex, it is the special for this dish. The broth of Dandan Noodle is very special, the meat had enticing tea color, salt, fresh, light spicy and sour, with rich bean sprouts flavor, very tasty.

  The soup of Dandan noodle is red with some red pepper above. It excites your visual and attracts your eyesight. The good smell of Dandan noodle with heat move into your nose, the hot flavor and the fresh soup together smell good. Once bite the noodle, fresh and spicy. Your will feel so tonic after having the dish. The dish is very memorable once you try it.

  In first Chinese noodle culture festival, Dandan noodle is ranked 5. Dandan noddle takes an important position in Chinese. When Xi,jinping, leader of Chinese mainland and Ma,yingjiu, leader of Taiwan met, the main dish is Dandan noodle. That means Dandan noodle is accepted by the leaders. If you come to Sichuan, a hot Dandan noddle can keep off the damp in the body, and make you so happy.

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