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4 Days Sightseeing Tour from Shanghai Suzhou Hangzhou Zhouzhuang Water Town

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On this tour, you visit Shanghai covering the symbol of the city: Bund, Nanjing Road and Huangpu River cruise. In Zhouzhuang, discover beauty and elegance from the famous Water Town. In Suzhou, explore traditional culture from Hanshan Temple, Tiger Hill and Humble Administrator’s Garden. In Hangzhou, uncover the famous West Lake, Six Harmonies Pagoda, Hefang Street, Lingyin Temple, Feilai Peak, Mei Jia Wu Tea Village.






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Tour Itinerary

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Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4

Day 1 Arrival in Shanghai

Airport-hotel Transfer, Nanjing Road, Bund, Huangpu River Cruise

Our tour guide and driver will pick you up at the airport in Shanghai, then escort you to the hotel for check-in. After freshening up, you will move to Nanjing Road, which is one of the busiest streets in China and is said to be the world's longest shopping district at an estimated 5.5 kilometers, has been estimated over one million people visit the street each day. Later, walk around the architectural complex of the Bund; the perfect display of Shanghai's modernity showcasing the past and the future and Shanghai picturesque waterfront. Afterward cruise on Huangpu River to enjoy the beautiful scenery such as Oriental Pearl TV Tower, Yangpu Bridge and varied western architectures on the west bank of Huangpu River and towering modern buildings on the east bank. In the evening enjoy a sumptuous dim sum dinner followed by hotel transfer. 


Scenic Spot Fact Sheet

Huangpu River Cruise
Nanjing Road

Day 2 Shanghai-Suzhou by Private Vehicle

Humble Administrator's Garden, Hanshan Temple, Tiger Hill

Drive about 2 hours to Suzhou, start to visit Humble Administrator's Garden, one of the most famous Suzhou Gardens and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Enjoy delicious local lunch then experience the poetic atmosphere at the Hanshan Temple. At last, explore Tiger Hill, attracting visitors with a number of historical sites and its natural beauty. It is said that it would be a pity if you had been to Suzhou but didn't go to visit Tiger Hill. Overnight in Suzhou!

Scenic Spot Fact Sheet

Hanshan Temple
Humble Administrator’s Garden
Tiger Hill

Day 3 Suzhou-Hangzhou by Private Vehicle

Zhouzhuang Water Town, Hefang Street

On this day, the tour guide and driver will meet you at the hotel then take you to visit Zhouzhuang Water Town, a famous water village built around a series of canals dating back to the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Walking through Zhouzhuang, you will have a feeling of nostalgia. After enjoying delicious lunch, then drive 2.5 hours to Hangzhou. Upon arrival, stroll on Hefang Street that stretches from Wushan Square all the way down to Zhonghe road where you can shop for souvenirs. Overnight in Hangzhou.  

Scenic Spot Fact Sheet

Zhouzhuang Water Town
Hefang Street

Day 4 Hangzhou-Shanghai by Private Vehicle

West Lake, Lingyin Temple, Feilai Peak, Six Harmonies Pagoda, Mei Jia Wu Tea Village

After breakfast, set off your tour to sightsee West Lake and take a cruise to enjoy beautiful morning scenery, then go to Lingyin Temple, which was originally built by a Buddhist monk from India. Across the temple, you'll see Feilai Peak (Peak Flying from Afar) where you can appreciate the most famous inscriptions of Happy Buddha. After lunch, proceed to the Six Harmonies Pagoda, a perfect symbol of brick-and-wood structure built in ancient China. Later, learn tea culture at Mei Jia Wu Tea Village. At last, transfer back to Shanghai.

Scenic Spot Fact Sheet

Feilai Peak
Lingyin Temple
Mei Jia Wu Tea Village
Six Harmonies Pagoda
West Lake

Hotel Location

5 Star Hotel

4 Star Hotel

3 Star Hotel

Shanghai New West Lake Hotel
Days Hotel Shanghai Hongkou Fortune
Huajing Grand Hotel
Grand Trustel Aster SuZhou
Garden Hotel
Pace Hotel (Suzhou Renmin Road)
Haiwaihai Crown Hotel
Haiwaihai International Hotel
Chao Wang Hotel

Dexule Suite

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Hotel Description

Hotel Position : Plaza del Angel, 12, 08002 Barcelona, Spain


Number of rooms:108



The Ping'anfu Hotel (Ping'anfu Binguan) is a luxury hotel located in the hustle and bustle of the city center. It is only 4 kilometers from the railway station and 28 kilometers from the airport. This hotel provide comfortable rooms, ranging from standard doubles to deluxe suites. Facilities in rooms include international direct dial telephones, satellite televisions, central air conditioning and mini bars. Room service is available on request. Guests of the hotel will also have the chance to relax in the sauna and massage center. The hotel has numerous restaurants, mostly serving Chinese cuisine.

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Services & Amenities

Hotel Policies

Check-in & Check-out

Check-in from 14:00

Check-out before 12:00

Hotel Notes

Smoking is now strictly prohibited within all public and enclosed spaces in Beijing. This hotel will NOT offer smoking rooms.

Hotel Description


Number of rooms:108



Price Includes

Entrance fees as described in the itinerary

Meals as listed

Private vehicle with an experienced driver 

English-speaking guide

A bottle of water per day per person

Airport pickup in Shanghai

Cruise on Huangpu River and West Lake

Hotel for 4 nights(if selected) 


International and domestic air tickets with tax

Tips to tour guides and drivers

China entry visa fees

Add Product

It must be clearly understood that enjoying these extras is your own decision. They are not included in the itinerary or tour price, so you will need to pay separately. The ticket price depends on seating. Ask your guide to book tickets if you want to see any of the following.


The Romance of the Song Dynasty

$77 For 1 people
The Romance of the Song Dynasty

  The romance of the song dynasty

  The romance of the song dynasty is a must-visit show in one’s life and the soul for Song Dynasty scene and ranked as three most famous shows in the world together with the “O show in Las Vegas” and “the moulin rouge in Paris”. It depicts in an unexpecting manner with the most-advanced sound, lights, electrical skill and stage equipment for acting the suffering of

ancient Liangzhu, the brilliance of Song Dynasty Palace, the severe battle of Yue family troops with the love story of the Butterfly Lovers and Lady White Snake. The show fully depicts an active picture of silk, tea, smoke and drizzle with a heart-shaking visual experienceThe performance consists of five parts: the first part is highlighted with the civilization light of Liangzhu. In Neolithic period, the local people of Hangzhou created a great prehistoric civilization. This part show based on this historic discovery is themed with the worship to sun, the primitive sacrificing dancing, picking dancing and rice-planting dancing. It is a preparation period of the upcoming glory of Song Empire. The second part is highlighted with the feast and dancing of imperial palaces. It is the show of the glory and power of South Song Dynasty. The third part is highlighted with the warring time - shining spears and armored horses. In 1127, troop of Jin invaded Bailiang(today’s Kaifeng) and captured Emperor Huizong and Emperor Qinzong of North Song Dynasty, and this historic event is called Jingkang Incident(The Humiliation during Jingkang Reign). Song was forced to move to south China. Zhao Gou, the ninth son of Emperor Huizong established South Song Empire in Hangzhou. And General Yue Fei led his troop to fight against the north invasion in order to reoccupy the lost territory. This part is themed with the fighting experience of Yue Fei’s patriotic movement. The third part is the folklores of West Lake, and it shows the romantic love story of Lady White Snake, the Butterfly Lovers and many impressive local legends. The fourth part is the classic affection beyond the time; it is the end of the whole show.

       Culture attributes “The romance of the song dynasty” long-lasting life. The whole performance grasps the root and soul of essence of culture in Hangzhou. In the eyes of both domestic and exotic traveller, the romance of the song dynasty is not only a show, it is more regarded as a symbol for city Hangzhou, a sign for culture and history. As Broadway show in New York and the moulin rouge in Paris, one must watch the show once arrive city Hangzhou. The show passes around city history and culture, defines the cultural base for a city, combines with city as the cultural soul, and leaves an unforgettable history memory to the city.

/uploads/main/litimg/20161221/20161221195915.jpg /uploads/main/litimg/20161221/20161221195915.jpg,/uploads/main/litimg/20161221/20161221195941.jpg,/uploads/main/litimg/20161221/20161221200412.jpg,/uploads/main/litimg/20161221/20161221200439.jpg,/uploads/main/litimg/20161221/20161221200503.jpg,/uploads/main/litimg/20161221/20161221200529.jpg,/uploads/main/litimg/20161221/20161221200550.jpg,/uploads/main/litimg/20161221/20161221200624.jpg,/uploads/main/litimg/20161221/20161221200702.jpg 77,77,77,77,77,77,77,77,77,77 118,118,118,118,118,118,118,118,118,118

Impression West lake

$85 For 1 people
Impression West lake

  Impression West lake

  Staged entirely upon the lake itself, Impression West Lake, directed by Zhang Yimou, is a grand open-air show of light, music, dance and theatrics. First initiated in 2007, Impression West Lake deploys the lake and its surroundings as props to create a life-like charming background. Through the vividly performed folklores and myths of Hangzhou, Impression West Lake highly exhibits the deep-rooted culture and natural beauty of Hangzhou.

  Impression west lake is another live performance of “Impression serial” after Impression liusanjie and Impression Lijiang. Based on rich history culture and excellent natural landscaping, after in-depth ancient fairy tale, folk stories, Impression west lake pays a lot of attention on the representative figures, meanwhile with the assistance of high tech, recreates western lake rain for reflecting the natural power of rain in west lake and west lake’s rain. Through animation and real picture show, city Hangzhou and natural landscape combines and reach a peak for high-class arts banquet. The audience not only watch a high-class water and mountain landscape acting but also enjoy a world-class concert.

  Yuehu Lake Scenic Area is the venue of Impression West Lake. There is a retractable and moveable platform to hold 1800 audiences at the south of Yuehu Lake Tower. With the combination of live environment and high-end technologies, Impression West Lake extends varied marvelous visual appeal to audience in accordance with the natural changesAll the acting are made above the water, with natural mountain, water and scenery as the natural stage, it is what we called “west lake live performance show”. This is a concept for water theatre. It owns a vast visual room of accumulated thousands of years’ culture. It is not a dance, sing, play or evening party. All the performance must be lined with the natural landscape. Thus it is exclusively and can not be replaced. Natural environment is one part of performance, as the change of four seasons, climate is different too. Accompanied with the change of natural landscape, the visual image from the natural stage is different too. That is the real reason live performance so charming.

  There are five parts of performance.

  The first Part: meet

  A white crane fly afar and turn into a young man. At same time, another white crane fly and turn into a lady. The couple enjoy the wonderful time on the lake. In the dreamy fog and rain, a silk umbrella is the evidence for the love of young couple. It is the first-time meet of lady white snake and Xuxian.

  The second part: Falling into love

  Fish in west lake are all spiritual. In the love lake, they flirt and play on fun in the lake. Similar on the stage in the boat, a fish and water play is acting. Love is a promise sourced from the spirit. Only if heart and spirit relying on each other, intimate can be felt from the wonderful love world as fish play with water and heaven seeks harmony from earth.

  The third part: Bid farewell

  The happy moment is short as fireworks. Loud drum sounds sufferings which imply a tremendous power to apart the couple. The white crane of the lady are finally dead, similar to the tragedy of Xuxian and lady white snake. There is always suffering hidden behind meet. Bid fare well is the next step after meet however bid farewell can be the everlasting in the paradise…The forth part: Recollection

  When the guy made by white crane came back the spot initially meeting the lady crane, though many pretty girls passing by, the lover had already gone. He recollected the rain exactly made for the couple, seek the ship once offering promise. The by-gone lover seemed only twinkle in the gloomy while the guy recollect the bygone past at his own regret and wishes.

  The five parts: Impression

  As the lake, it is so elegant, profound and spiritual. As the love story of west lake is sad but not sorrow. The love partner suddenly appears but walk away by water. Meanwhile, there is a everlasting love walking for you slowly. It brings you to the myth end. You might think, if alive at the point, that would be the best. Everything needs not so earth-shakening, though only left with a rough image, but ends in unforgettable.

/uploads/main/litimg/2019-04-26/5cc2602ac1880.jpg /uploads/main/litimg/2019-04-26/5cc2602ac2211.jpg,/uploads/main/litimg/2019-04-26/5cc2602ac27e2.jpg,/uploads/main/litimg/2019-04-26/5cc2602ac2efd.jpg,/uploads/main/litimg/2019-04-26/5cc2602ac339e.jpg,/uploads/main/litimg/2019-04-26/5cc2602ac38a5.jpg,/uploads/main/litimg/2019-04-26/5cc2602ac3f98.jpg,/uploads/main/litimg/2019-04-26/5cc2602ac4619.jpg,/uploads/main/litimg/2019-04-26/5cc2602ac4c3f.jpg,/uploads/main/litimg/2019-04-26/5cc2602ac5270.jpg 85,85,85,85,85,85,85,85,85,85 135,135,135,135,135,135,135,135,135,135

Shanghai Airport Drop-off

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Fantastic Customer Service provided by General Manager/Owner, "Jenny" Would recommend to everyone visiting Beijing. They did everything possible to make my wife and I comfortable and relaxed in a totally new/different environment.
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I was so pleased with my tour of Beijing! The tour picked me up at my hotel and we saw the Forbidden City, Great Wall, had a fantastic lunch, toured a jade store, and got a foot massage. The tour guide was funny, kind, and efficient! She showed genuine concern for our needs and everyone on the tour was genuinely happy! This is the tour to book with. You will see all the sites and you’ll have such a pleasant time. I would recommend it to anyone!
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I had to book this tour last minute! They had the best service and super nice car and driver! Great service and very reliable. I would highly recommend booking with them!
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Very good service and easy to work with people. It was so easy to keep track of trips and i would like to mention the good service experience that i received.
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Thank you for the hard work and dedication in making my trip great. Every detail from local flights, hotels, personal drivers and the local tour guides were fantastic. Before the actual trip I called several times and was able to get pleasant help from a kind agent who answered all my quest. Each day was better than the other I even wished I had more time in the country to get to explore more cities in depth. Shanghai was jaw dropping and in Beijing I was able to catch the flag raising ceremony in the greatest square with great accuracy and tradition. The local food was phenomenal and I had the pleasure to join a local family for one dinner and it was great. Thoroughly enjoyed the trip and the ease of everything in the country and I recommend the company to anyone who is interested in a complete Chinese experience.
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I just got back from a business trip and i had a layover in china Beijing so i used the chance to tour and it was great. I got hold of this operators through google and i just took a chance to try them out. Overall pick up and drop off was on time to catch my next flight and the city was beyond what i expected. It was beautiful and the greatwall was a beauty with picture perfect views i will post pictures soon from my camera for everyone to see. Check it out soon heads up
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C Lola Dob Einar Vista

Very well organised with knowledgable and entertaining guide. our guide for the 72 hours kept us amused with her story telling and insights into Chinese life. The hotel was lovely and the combo was worth it also very comfortable and clean. The whole layover trip was full of amazing experiences.
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New Jersey Nutley

My friends and I did actually saved up and did a tour in China and we did not have any expectations because of the cheap price and we were so impressed. The activities in the tour were well planned and the tour guide was excellent. We were very surprised by the amount of tours we did.
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Vietnam Quy Hop

Excellent guide and bus driver throughout the vacation. Accommodation was excellent and the pace was perfect. All the people were great to travel with and no one was late getting back on the coach after we stopped for photo opportunities, shopping stops or toilet breaks. The Chinese meals supplied for lunch were excellent. Over all had an excellent time with my fellow travellers on this holiday. We had a wonderful experience without any hiccups, from the time we arrived and met up with our beautiful tour director Haha and our fellow travelers who were a fun group to tour with. This group tour was very good value for money and i could tell it was all the travelers wanted.
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Huntsville, Canada

The holiday of a life time our adventure in the Great Wall was without a doubt our favourite family trip. The comfort and beauty of the country, the incredibly caring crew, the delicious food, the history we learned from our competent and friendly tour director, along with the stunning beauty of the views hiking around the area and into small remote alleyways in the hutongs was very relaxing. The accommodation was more than adequate with rooms being serviced everyday. There was ample deck space to lounge, reading or talking. The staff on the hotel were lovely and attentive. Excellent.
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  • Services5 points
  • Guided tours in English5 points
  • Vehicle environment5 points
  • Catering5 points


Answered all my queries, understood the reservations I had about parts of the tour and put my mind at rest catering for concerns in the itinerary. In addition they readily Provided all the information I needed to make decisions. Would definitely recommend them to anyone planning a special holiday.
  • Services5 points
  • Guided tours in English5 points
  • Vehicle environment5 points
  • Catering5 points


The services we received from Jenny the tour director was excellent. She was well informed, extremely helpful as regards the requirements and accommodation of my husband and myself. We welcomed a few of her suggestions which were given in a professional and constructive manner, not at all pushy as we’ve found some operators to be. Very professional and we look forward to experiencing more of the services in future. We would recommend this company and would use them again.
  • Services5 points
  • Guided tours in English5 points
  • Vehicle environment5 points
  • Catering5 points


Amazing!! our every need was anticipated and exactly what we wanted and more. I would recommend them to anyone wanting a tailor made holiday.
  • Services5 points
  • Guided tours in English5 points
  • Vehicle environment5 points
  • Catering5 points


ChinaToursnet Team supported us from day one and whenever we needed help we knew we could just ask. They managed to make my experience abroad and best. In addition they helped us plan and book exactly the travels we wanted. If you want to tour abroad, this agents are definitely a good choice.
  • Services5 points
  • Guided tours in English5 points
  • Vehicle environment5 points
  • Catering5 points


I had a great time in China and the staff of were also a reason why. They\\\'re really nice and helpful. Patrick and Jenny at the travel desk were a great help when I was looking for tour options and had some special offers and helped to plan my trip all i had to do is just talk to them and i got so many ideas for myself.
  • Services5 points
  • Guided tours in English5 points
  • Vehicle environment5 points
  • Catering5 points


We were three guys from Germany and we had a beautiful time in China. The travel company supported us not just while searching for tours and hotels but also supported us while planing a travel route and with all other questions that we had. I can’t find the best words to recommend the company. They\\\'re all very smart and nice people who do their best to help you have the best time of your life.
  • Services5 points
  • Guided tours in English5 points
  • Vehicle environment5 points
  • Catering5 points


I was in Xian last month and i was simply ready to explore and it was beautiful. The travel desk in the office helped me a lot with the planning of the trip and it made it really uncomplicated and i was able to enjoy the whole time of the holiday! I had a great trip and saw amazing things.
  • Services5 points
  • Guided tours in English5 points
  • Vehicle environment5 points
  • Catering5 points


What an adventure! We have been touring in China for 11 days and we absolutely had a great time. Unfortunately it\\\'s time for us to leave but We are so thankful for the great honeymoon experience that have helped us with. They managed to really make it so easy for us and we had such a good time here thanks to them.
  • Services5 points
  • Guided tours in English5 points
  • Vehicle environment5 points
  • Catering5 points


As an American visitor ready to tour China i wanted to get in touch with Chinese People and their culture and traditions through the fabulous regions and landscapes as well as their fascinating cities and lovely countryside and I achieved it throughout the tour. The highlight of my tour was the mighty Yangtze River cruise that went smoothly and was also fun. Eating Chinese food in the local joints also was a nice part of further discovery. Highly recommended.
  • Services5 points
  • Guided tours in English5 points
  • Vehicle environment5 points
  • Catering5 points


It was a great trip and the guides were especially enjoyable. One of the guides was really kind since as we toured the sites she gave us the facts and was able to bring humor into the conversations as we spent time together. We were very happy with the arrangements that were provided like picking us up at the airport, making sure we got to the next stop ok, everything appeared very well organized. About the hotels they helped us book we really appreciate the comfort of all inclusive basis.

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Tour Code: A0067

Duration: 4days

Departure date: Everyday


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