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Big Wild Goose Pagoda

9 Days Silk Road Adventure China Tour: Xian, Lanzhou, Jiayuguan and Dunhuang

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Explore the highlights of the Silk Road during this 9 days tour from Xian to Lanzhou, Jiayuguan and Dunhuang. Travel by train and private vehicle covering Xian where you'll experience the City Wall, Terracotta Warriors; In Lanzhou, discover the White Pagoda Hill, Bingling Temple Grottoes. Besides that, you also get to explore the famous Wei Jin Mural Tombs, Hanging Great Wall in Jiayuguan city; In Dunhuang, look into Mogao Grottoes, Singing Sand Dunes and the Crescent Lake, Yadan National Geological Park.






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Tour Itinerary

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Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Day 7 Day 8 Day 9

Day 1 Arrival in Xian

Pickup Service, City Wall, Big Wild Goose Pagoda

Upon arrival in Xian, explore the ancient City Wall which built during the 14th century, you can try to ride a bicycle on it. Then visit the Big Wild Goose Pagoda with an active Buddhist temple where you'll get an insight into the influence of China's Buddhism and culture as you see monks chanting. Afterward, transfer to your hotel.

Scenic spots included in the itinerary

Big Wild Goose Pagoda
Xian City Wall

Day 2 Xian-Lanzhou by Bullet Train

Terracotta Warriors, Muslim Street

Today's highlight is a visit to the Terracotta Warriors which was discovered in 1974. Take your time to examine the jaw-dropping life-sized figures of warriors, chariots and horses built to safeguard the emperor in his afterlife before moving to the Muslim Street. Enjoy a relaxed stroll on the impressive stretch full of local tasty Muslim food that can satisfy your appetite and also buy a wide range of souvenirs. Afterward, take a high-speed train to Lanzhou city and transfer to your hotel.

Scenic spots included in the itinerary

Muslim Street
Terracotta Warriors

Day 3 Lanzhou

Bingling Temple Grottoes

Get up early in the morning then take relaxed 3.5 hours by enjoying spectacular views along the bank of the Yellow River before head to Bingling Temple Grottoes. We will switch into a boat into the gorge, get to appreciate the temple, its frescos as well as Buddhist carvings. Get a wonderful view of the temple. In the late afternoon, return Lanzhou downtown area. 

Scenic spots included in the itinerary

Bingling Temple Grottoes

Day 4 Lanzhou-Jiayuguan by Train

White Pagoda Mountain, Yellow River Iron Bridge, Gansu Provincial Museum

Today you'll take the round-way cable car to view the beautiful scenery on White Pagoda Mountain which located opposite the Yellow River. Make a stop to enjoy the beautiful view of the Yellow River Iron Bridge, the popular landmark of Lanzhou city. After lunch, visit Gansu Provincial Museum to unveil the Silk Road culture. At last, sleep on a soft bed on the night train to Jiayuguan.


Scenic spots included in the itinerary

Gansu Provincial Museum
White Pagoda Mountain
Yellow River Iron Bridge

Day 5 Jiayuguan

Jiayuguan Pass, Overhanging Great Wall, Wei Jin Mural Tombs

In the early morning, your private driver and tour guide will wait and pick you up at the railway station. Then go to Jiayuguan Pass, which is the first pass at the west end of the Great Wall of China. The pass is trapezoid-shaped. Later, you move to the Overhanging Great Wall with an obliquity of 45 degrees, built onto a 150m high ridge. From a distance, it looks like a dragon about to extend its body towards the ground. After lunch, you will be taken to Wei Jin Mural Tombs with over 1,400 tombs built between the Wei and Jin dynasties and marvel at the largest subterranean art gallery in the world containing a large number of colorful murals. At last, be transferred to hotel for check-in.




Scenic spots included in the itinerary

Jiayuguan Great Wall
Overhanging Great Wall
Wei Jin Mural Tombs

Day 6 Jiayuguan-Dunhuang by Private Vehicle

Dunhuang Museum, Shazhou Night Market

This morning, you will head to Dunhuang by a private coach(4hrs). Upon arrival, enjoy delicious lunch then visit Dunhuang Museum housing the cultural relics that were excavated in the Dunhuang area. On the way to the hotel go to the Shazhou Night Market where you can go shopping and also satisfy your appetite with various local cuisine and snacks. Afterwards, the driver and tour guide will escort you to your hotel for check-in.

Scenic spots included in the itinerary

Dunhuang Museum
Dunhuang Shazhou Night Market

Day 7 Dunhuang

​Mogao Grottoes, Singing Sand Dunes and Crescent Lake

The highlight today is to explore the world cultural heritage site-Mogao Grottoes, which is regarded as the treasure housing the best Buddhist frescos in the world. Marvel at the artistic features of the Mogao Grottoes which lie harmonious blending architecture, sculpture and fresco. The painted sculptures in the cave reflect skillful, rich and romantic imaginations; the frescoes have magnificent and infinitely varying compositions of pictures, gaudy and complicated coloring with smooth lines, emitting extremely strong artistic appeal.

After lunch, continue to visit the impressive Singing Sand Dune and Crescent Lake where the desert meets the oasis. When people slide down along the slopes, a sound will be heard, hence the name. The crescent-like lake is surrounded by the sand but never buried by it. 

Optional: Enjoy a camel ride into the dunes.

Scenic spots included in the itinerary

Mogao Grottoes
Singing Sand Dune and Crescent Lake

Day 8 Dunhuang

Yumen Pass, Yadan National Geologic Park

After breakfast, you will have a brief visit to the ancient military station Yumen Pass, then enjoy the beautiful scenery of Gobi desert when driving to Yadan National Geological Park, the largest Yadan Landform. You'll fully be astonished by geological remains formed by wind erosion. At last, you are sent back to the hotel in Dunhuang.

Scenic spots included in the itinerary

Yadan National Geological Park
Yumen Pass

Day 9 Departure from Dunhuang

Transfer Service

Today you will be transferred to the airport or railway station for your next destination.

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Dunhuang International Hotel Detail
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Dexule Suite

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Hotel Description

Hotel Position : Plaza del Angel, 12, 08002 Barcelona, Spain


Number of rooms:108



The Ping'anfu Hotel (Ping'anfu Binguan) is a luxury hotel located in the hustle and bustle of the city center. It is only 4 kilometers from the railway station and 28 kilometers from the airport. This hotel provide comfortable rooms, ranging from standard doubles to deluxe suites. Facilities in rooms include international direct dial telephones, satellite televisions, central air conditioning and mini bars. Room service is available on request. Guests of the hotel will also have the chance to relax in the sauna and massage center. The hotel has numerous restaurants, mostly serving Chinese cuisine.

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Services & Amenities

Hotel Policies

Check-in & Check-out

Check-in from 14:00

Check-out before 12:00

Hotel Notes

Smoking is now strictly prohibited within all public and enclosed spaces in Beijing. This hotel will NOT offer smoking rooms.

Hotel Description


Number of rooms:108



Price Includes

Entrance fees 

English speaking tour guide 

Air-conditioned vehicle with driver 

High-speed train second class seat ticket from Xian to Lanzhou 

Soft bed train ticket from Lanzhou -Jiayuguan

Meal as listed in itinerary 

Transfer service

Hotels(if selected)


International & domestic airfare 

Tips to the tour guide and driver 

Boat at Bingling Temple Grottoes 

Camel ride and battery car at Singing Sand Dunes

Add Product

It must be clearly understood that enjoying these extras is your own decision. They are not included in the itinerary or tour price, so you will need to pay separately. The ticket price depends on seating. Ask your guide to book tickets if you want to see any of the following.


The Tang Dynasty Show

$70 For 1 people
The Tang Dynasty Show

  Xian (with history name as Changan), in the long history of China, there are altogether 13 dynasties built as capital. In which the peak dynasty Tang ( from 618 to 907) is like a colorful painting and a brilliant book, fully show the prosperous brilliance of Chinese ancient civilization. The Tang Dynasty Music and Dance Show is on behalf of the peak culture of the most prosperous Tang Dynasty.

  The Tang Dynasty Music and Dance Show gathers all the best-doings of Dance and Music from previous history, with essence of culture from western religions and foreign exotics, full shows a greetings from hundreds of nations, fusions from multi-nations and peak at folk and custom. The dance and music in Tang dynasty is momentous, meanwhile the state is quite magnificent, concentrating poem songs with singing, drum and bell into lightening music and romantic dance. The melody is very high-pitched, the acting is quite smooth, and costume is quite splendorous, everything is ranked as the toppest. The Tang Dynasty Music and Dance Show depict the peak of prosperous and peaceful Dynasty Tang. We are dedicatedly expecting the performance, not only bring to your best enjoyment in visual and sound, but also a good memory to you of the brilliant and long Chinese history.

The Tang Dynasty Show

  The Tang Dynasty Music and Dance Show is performed by the "Tang Dynasty Song & Dance Troupe", a branch of the "Shaanxi Provincial Song & Dance Troupe". This type of performance has been valued as a national art that reflects the glory and richness of the Tang Dynasty era.

  The Tang Dynasty Music and Dance Show has its roots in folk fetes, when dances were first performed by people as part of rituals of prayer for a good harvest or a better life. Over thousands of years, the dances developed from a few simple postures or gestures to become delicate and artistic reaching a peak during the Tang Dynasty. The show presented today is a recreation of a traditional entertainment attributable to a great variety of historical records and relics. The Tang Dynasty Music and Dance Show has now become a classic entertainment that has been warmly appreciated by audiences running into hundreds of thousands for more than twenty years. The production has toured many cities in China as well as numerous foreign countries such as Japan, Russia, Korea, Singapore, Norway, Denmark, etc.

  The show includes eight classical programs, namely the Melody of Longevity of the Emperor, White Ramie Cloth Costume Dance, Da Nuo Dance, Rainbow Skirt and the Feathered Coat Dance, Battling Dance of the King of Qin, Song of Spring Outing, Oriole Singing in Spring, and Ta Ge Dance. Among them, the Oriole Singing in Spring performed by the famous panpipe master Gao Ming is the peak.

The Tang Dynasty Show

  In addition to appreciating the wonderful performance, you can also enjoy the delicious meals provided at the Tang Dynasty Palace.

/uploads/main/litimg/20161220/20161220161957.jpg /uploads/main/litimg/20161220/20161220161955.jpg,/uploads/main/litimg/20161220/20161220161957.jpg,/uploads/main/litimg/20161220/20161220162000.jpg,/uploads/main/litimg/20161220/20161220162005.jpg,/uploads/main/litimg/20161220/20161220162007.jpg,/uploads/main/litimg/20161220/20161220162011.jpg,/uploads/main/litimg/20161220/20161220162013.jpg,/uploads/main/litimg/20161220/20161220162016.jpg,/uploads/main/litimg/20161220/20161220162033.jpg 70,70,70,70,70,70,70,70,70,70 88,88,88,88,88,88,88,88,88,88
Gansu (Lanzhou Dunhuang)

Flower Rains along Silk Road show

$70 For 1 people
Flower Rains along Silk Road show

Flower Rains along Silk Road show is known as the "Swan Lake in the East" performed over 2800 times at home and aboard .it is also called Living Dunhuang murals by audiences .

/uploads/main/litimg/2018-09-12/5b98acbeab2f3.jpg /uploads/main/litimg/2019-03-21/5c93331bd4ab5.jpg,/uploads/main/litimg/2019-03-21/5c9334dd90f56.jpg,/uploads/main/litimg/2019-03-21/5c9334dd92639.jpg,/uploads/main/litimg/2019-03-21/5c9334dd944bd.jpg,/uploads/main/litimg/2019-03-21/5c9334dd95f71.jpg,/uploads/main/litimg/2019-03-21/5c93382e44e72.jpg 70,70,70,70,70,70,70,70,70,70 120,120,120,120,120,120,120,120,120,120

Recall Dunhuang Show

$75 For 1 people
Recall Dunhuang Show

Recall Dunhuang  show officially opened in 2016 and is only large indoor scene experience drama in the northwest of China  which  is adatpted from Dunhuang murals and Dunhuang history. Showing the performers dialogue with the ancients with unique s theatrical scene expression

/uploads/main/litimg/2018-09-12/5b98addcb19f3.jpg 75,75,75,75,75,75,75,75,75,75 120,120,120,120,120,120,120,120,120,120

Dunhuang Celebration Show

$60 For 1 people
Dunhuang Celebration Show

The first large-scale desert live performance in China with the Echoing -sound Dunes and Crescent Moon Spring as scene background , 360-degree rotating seat can make audiences move back and forth to bring audiences experience ancient Dunhuang in past while performers is dancing on the stage.

/uploads/main/litimg/2018-09-12/5b98af289baff.jpg 60,60,60,60,60,60,60,60,60,60 120,120,120,120,120,120,120,120,120,120
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Yes everything was spectacular and fascinating very professional and prompt services. There were beautiful places to explore and to see in the 4 hours that we had. The comfort and beauty of the China was incredible, The history, culture and way of life of the local people we bumped into during the layover was beyond our expectations. Hiking on the Great wall after driving through a small remote countryside was very relaxing and rejuvenating. It was the best trip ever to experience on a few hours.

We had not previously used a travel agency for touring. The crew including the driver and tour guide were really funny, friendly and knowledgeable. Despite having limited time we still had free time allowing for shopping and grabbing a meal and drinks. Highly recommend this layover in Beijing.
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Bucharest, Romania

Great, compact, amazing tour. Our guide Jenny did the best to show us the most important attractions in Beijing in just a 2 day tour. I recommand her tours, she is great with groups, friendly and well prepared.
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Mike and Karen, Tucson, Arizona
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Highly recommend for everyone coming to Beijing
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We had an amazing trip with Jenny! She is very knowledgeable and answered all of our questions in fantastic English. She also is very organized so we were on time to each stop of our tour!
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Durban, South Africa

Booking from South Africa on was so quick and easy, however I had to mail customer service as I had not received my confirmation within the 48 hours that the original mail had stated. Once done I received confirmation for all my train and internal flights within 20 minutes of sending the mail. I would highly recommend this website for booking trips through China and i will use it again in future.
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New York, NY

Well worth it! Jenny was really nice and incredibly helpful with the immigration process after airport personnel originally escorted to the wrong area and didn’t want to allow leaving the airport. She takes great photos! Beautiful views and fun to take the toboggan down. Wasn’t too crowded on this day - and definitely worth doing with a 7 hour layover. Nice car and driver too.
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Great app to buy train tickets. If you don't know the language you just show the e-ticket that the app gave you and the seller will give the tickets to you without the need to talk.
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Had a great layover tour! 100% worth it. Was easily picked up and transported to the Great Wall and back to the airport. Jenny’s English is perfect so communication flowed nicely. She even helped me take photos on the Great Wall!
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valsayn, Trinidad and Tobago

I used China tour company to visit Hangzhou on on feb 7th. It’s a private tour. The experience is very pleasant and enjoyable. Tour guide Mr. Mark Zhou was very good. He speaks good English and very patient. He knows his stuff. I visited West Lake , Buddhist temple and the Pagoda. The tour was very enjoying and place (Hangzhou) is a must to see if you wish to enjoy the nature and Chinese culture and tradition. I recommend it to every one visiting China.
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