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Chimelong Paradise Amusement Park

Chimelong Paradise Amusement Park

Tour Code : C2314
Type : Views of the city
City / Province : Guangzhou
Built in : 2007


Chimelong Paradise Amusement Park has over 70 rides including a 10-looped roller coaster, mentioned in the Guinness Book of Records, the quickest motorbike roller coaster, the first Skating roller coaster of Asia and also a water world with top class facilities.

Chimelong Paradise Amusement Park

Chimelong Paradise Amusement Park was designed by the famous theme park designing company Forrec Company Canada. Chime-Long Paradise is operated by the  Group. Opening in 2006 it has over 70a 10-looped roller coaster, mentioned in the Guinness Book of Records. The quickest motorbike roller coaster which can reach 80 miles per hour in just 2.8 seconds, the first Skating rollerof Asia, and also a water world with top class facilities.

Chime-Long Paradise has used and acquired a lot of the world’s top class hi-tech items and establishments, in order to create an exciting and challenging world in this enjoyable natural paradise.
Chimelong Paradise Amusement Park has 6 different zones which cater for different kinds of visitors: Happy Kingdom contains a lot of amusement items which is good for young children and families; the Screaming area has many challenging items suitable for brave young visitors; Storm Island has adopted a a mediaeval European look. Happy Water World has a lot of items related to the theme of water; It is very popular during summer and autumn when visitors can have a whale of a time at Raft Ride, Shoot the Chute, Twister Vehicle and Splash Battle. the Central Performance Square hosts various different interesting performances; White Tiger Streetsa plentiful amount shopping.

Also, there are other items like the world’s most advanced 4D Theater, Forest Temple, Super Water Fight and other exciting andthings forto explore.

Besides a variety of rides for visitors to play, the paradise provides its guests with all sorts of performances such as magic tricks, songs and dances, acrobatics and fancy car parades. Chimelong Paradise presents the Lumberjack Show performed by the North American Lumber Team. There are 200 performers from 20 countries and magic shows in the Happy Theater. Specially designed for children, Happy Kingdom is the largest indoor park for kids in China, where parents can enjoy quality time with their families.



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