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Guangdong Museum

Guangdong Museum

Tour Code : C2369
Type : Museum
City / Province : Guangzhou
Built in : 2010


One of four other big cultural landmark buildings located in Zhujiang area that drew inspiration from the Smarter City Plan of IBM company to stay at per with technological development. It is also a national first class museum with its main ambition being to allow individuals to be acquainted with culture, understand nature and acquire knowledge.

Guangdong Museum


Built first in 1959 as a treasured object, this new museum was opened in 2010 and covers approximately 67,000 square meters and is home to over 166,000 relics including gemstones, woodcarvings, paintings and ceramics. It stands at a five story height with five main exhibition sections inside; natural resources, ceramics, Chaozhou gilded woodcarvings and a history of Guangdong.

The museum’s architectural design was chosen with an antique Chinese lacquer box in mind which is where precious items are kept. This inspiration fits perfectly and spells out the main aim of the museum which is to store and put on displays important historical cultural artifacts of the Guangdong. It draws inspiration from the legendary concentric ivory balls carving process and Rocco Design Architects Limited were responsible for the outcome of this building and the main materials used in the construction were aluminum and fritted glass with each floor design being unique in its own peculiar shape.

The museum is further subdivided into four different sections depicting a distinct timeline starting from the origin of the locals, the ethnic modeling period, the period where locals made significant changes in historical events and finally the bravery depicted during the Sino Japanese war.



Major attractions and activities to do on a visit

This unique museum is not only designed to hold fascinating treasure objects but it is also constructed as a treasure on its own that attracts everyone’s attention. The museum has contributed to facelifting the urban landscape of the location and emerging business and cultural district poised for international levels.


Some of its major attractions include

Chaozhou Gilded Woodcarvings

A renowned traditional craft school specializing in popular in unique, exquisite and delicate designs, and the extensive gold lacquering methods. This section displays wooden screens, shrines amongst other wooden made materials.


Duan Inkstones

One of four other famous Inkstones of China known for production of quality inkstones and expert workmanship with a the longest history in craftsmanship.



This section is home to one of the greatest collections of ceramics and was recognized as the Nation center of Ceramics with many of its kilns located across different parts of China.


Natural Resources

This exhibition space uses simulations and multimedia coverage to display natural resources throughout the region in different sectors such as wildlife, landscapes, minerals, sea creatures, traditional medicine and gems. This method of presentation gives tourists a better perspective of the country.

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