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Liurong Temple

Temple of the Six Banyan Trees

Tour Code : C2148
Type : Historic sites
City / Province : Guangzhou
Built in : A.D.537


Having a long history of about 1,400 years, it is one of the four best Buddhist temples in Guangzhou and located on the Liurong Road (meaning the Six Banyan Trees Road). It has a rich collection of cultural-relics and is renowned both at home and abroad.

Temple of the Six Banyan Trees

  Liurong temple lies in the Liurong road of City Guangzhou. Liurong temple is a famous temple with a long history and famous both domestically and internationally. There are magnificent tower, lush greens and brilliant relics in the temple and left paths of many celebrities. Together with Guangxiao, Hualin, and Haitong temple together with Liurong temple are listed as four Buddhism temples in Guangzhou. The same as the flower tower inside the temple, Liurong temple are highly-praised by many people. There is such sayings: Guangxiao temple is famous for trees while Liurong temple is famous for flower tower. Liurong temple is famous for the flower tower and once served as the temple for sect Chan of Buddhism. In 1983, Liurong temple was listed as the national key Buddhist temple of Han living areas. In 1997, liurong temple was listed as one of ten tourist spots in Guangzhou.

  Liurong temple was originally called the Baozhuangyan Temple, but it was ruined in fire during Northern Song Dynasty and was rebuilt in AD 989 and also renamed Jinghui Temple. In year 1100, a well known literateur and calligrapher named Su Shi traveled to this temple and saw six age-old banyan trees, so he inscribed “Liu Rong” (means six banyan trees) for this temple . And this temple has since been named as the Temple of the Six Banyan Trees. Nowadays, there are no banyan trees, but six banyan trees indeed existed about one thousand years ago, and there is still a nice pagoda. Hua Ta (Flower Pagoda) is the highlight of this Liurong Temple. This pagoda is 57 meter high. Flower Pagoda of Liurong Temple consists of 9 stories, but from the interior there are actually 17 layers. The flower pagoda saves the relics of Buddhist. Its roofs curve upwards and look like dark red flower petals. The tip of the pagoda is like stamens, while the whole construction looks like a huge stigma standing high in the air. Therefore, people like to name it the Flowery Pagoda. The pagoda not only has a nice appearance, but also provides visitors a good place to overlook beautiful scenery around.

  After entering by the mountain gate, the Tianwang Hall is the first hall you will see. The Laughing Buddha is to welcome visitors. The Weituo Hall is behind. According to legend, Weituo was a general who recaptured the Buddhist relics which had been stolen. He has a straight face, looking very serious and frightful, in distinct contrast with the Laughing Buddha.

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