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boiled chicken with sauce Photos

boiled chicken with sauce

  白切鸡boiled chicken with sauce

  Boiled chicken with sauce is a characteristics  traditional dish.It is the most common dish in Guangzhou Cuisine.The best restaurant which sales Boiled chicken with sauce is Qingping Restaurant,located in Qingping Road Liwan District Guangzhou.So it is also called Qingping chicken.In Guangzhou Cuisine,there are more than 200 kinds of dishes made with chicken.Boiled chicken with sauce is the most common foods that people eat,and no one is tired of it.It is very popular in everywhere of Guangxi province with the exception of Guangdong province.It is an indispensable dish in the wedding or funeral in the rural areas.

  Boiled chicken with sauce belongs to the kind of dip chicken.Its features are easy production,thoroughly cooked but not mushy,without any extra ingredients,keep the original taste.The skin of the chicken is golden and smooth,the meat of the chicken is fresh and tender.It is suitable for eat with family and also can be used to entertain guests.When the Guangzhou people eat boiled chicken with sauce,they usually eat it with the sauce made of ginger and chive.So the taste is a bit mild and is easy to be accepted by people.It seems that the boiled chicken with sauce can only eat with the sauce made of ginger and chive.But there are many other kinds of sauce can be selected like the sauce made of onion.

  The chicken does not need to cook for a long time.If the heating time of chicken is too long,the meat will lost water and become harden and not easy to chew.In order to make the skin smooth,the chicken to be ironed in hot water,then use cold water to make it cool.When boiling the chicken,we need to pour out the water inside the chicken belly,in order to make the chicken evenly heated.

  Spring chicken is the beat to cook boiled chicken with sauce.The meat of spring chicken account for sixty percentage of the total weight.And it is rich in protein and phosphoric acid.There is less elastic connective tissue in the meat of spring chicken,so it is easier to digest and be absorbed by the human body.

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