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Bamboo Rafting in Yangshuo

2 Days Yangshuo Yulong River Bamboo Drifting Tour from Guilin

Tour Code : A0223
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In the tour, you'll weave your way along the beautiful Li River and explore the luscious Chinese countryside on a two-day trip. Accompanied by a knowledgeable guide, you'll capture fantastic photographs of the spectacular scenery at Silver Cave, Yangshuo West Street and Shi Wai Tao Yuan; take a boat on Yulong River, Li River and Ten-Mile Gallery; explore Xingping Ancient Town. It has picked highlight attractions in Guiling.






Li River

Li River is decorated with rolling hills, steep cliffs, fantastic caves, leisurely boats and is lined with bamboo. The charming Li river has been described as "a green silk ribbon with hills like jade hairpins' and listed as one of the world's top ten watery wonders by America National Geographic Magazine.

Li River

Silver Cave

The Silver Cave offers the most unique and the most typical stalactites with distinctive shapes, like stalagmites,stone curtains and stone flowers and much more, and all kinds of colors in Guilin. Under the lighting, the stalactites shine like silver, which makes the name “Silver Cave”.

Silver Cave

Xingping Ancient Town

The Xingping Ancient Town was founded during the Ming Dynasty in 1506. In this fishing village all traditional houses have been very well preserved and the special architecture of the buildings make the Fishing Village a very interesting place to visit.when you visit the fishing village, you can experience the local people's daily life by going fishing with them.

Xingping Ancient Town

Yangshuo West Street

Yangshuo West Street is the oldest street of Yangshuo with old traditional Chinese dwellings on both sides of it. All kinds of shops, restaurants and bars with English signs assemble,which makes the street the biggest "English Corner", "global village" and "foreigner street" in China.

Yangshuo West Street

Bamboo Rafting in Yangshuo

Taking a bamboo raft ride on the Yulong River, a tributary of the Li River, is a very relaxing way to enjoy the highly scenic area south of Yangshuo. Here you can enjoy the stunning scenery and views of country life on a raft in the traditional way with a gondolier.

Bamboo Rafting in Yangshuo

Shi Wai Tao Yuan

Shi Wai Tao Yuan located not far away Yangshuo is a place of peace and quiet, with a pleasant sight of peach tree-lined riverbank, paddy fields and hidden cottages. It showcases a natural paradise to you, which may not be reprehensive but surely impressive.

Shi Wai Tao Yuan

Ten-mile Gallery

Ten-mile Gallery in Yangshuo is the scenic spot you should not miss. It is situated in the Moon Mountain of Yangshuo.alongside have tourist attractions like Big Banyan Tree, butterfly spring, ancient totem path,Yulong River,Dragon Pool,the best way to visit is to ride bike.

Ten-mile Gallery

Yulong River

Yulong River flows through some of the most beautiful Karst (limestone) scenery near Yangshuo. Local people use rafts as daily transportation up and down the river between house, markets, and rice paddies. Some villagers made bigger rafts and started to woo the travelers and soon it became a highlight of tour around Yangshuo.

Yulong River

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Tour Itinerary

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Day 1 Day 2

Day 1 Guilin-Yangshuo County by Cruise

Xingping Ancient Town, Li River, Silver Cave, Yangshuo West Street

After enjoying a delicious breakfast in the hotel, your private driver and tour guide will pick you up from the lobby, and it takes about 2 hours to drive you to Xingping Ancient Town, a tranquil town which visited by president Nixon. Then visit the exciting Li River. The rolling mountains in Xingping like a beautiful Chinese ink painting where you have the option to embark a raft to enjoy slowly. You can imagine how sweet life is if you are a white-beard old fishing man residing locally and great pictures here. 

After enjoying a delicious lunch, you will be escorted to the Silver Cave which is a typical karst landscape with a collection of different geological stalactites which are crystal clear and flawless as the milky way in the night sky and flashing like silver and diamonds. 

In the late afternoon, you will be sent back and have free activities in Yangshuo West Street. West Street is a must-go area in Yangshuo with a history of more than 1400 years and is the oldest and most prosperous street in Yangshuo. This street is less than 1km, in S shape carved by stone. While walking in the stone road and viewing the antique stores in an ancient wooden building on both sides. Hang out around West street, pick up your favorite postcard, write down blessing words or make your own poem, taste the local snack or enjoy a cocktail and listen to the song in the bar for the whole night, you will find time passing quickly.

Scenic spots included in the itinerary

Li River
Silver Cave
Xingping Ancient Town
Yangshuo West Street

Day 2 Yangshuo County-Guilin by Private Vehicle

Yulong River Bamboo Rafting, Shi Wai Tao Yuan, Ten-Mile Gallery

The driver and tour guide will pick you up from the hotel. There is no modern architecture around the Yulong River scenic area which far away from the hustle and bustle of the city, everything is so aboriginal, natural, simple and pure. You'll enjoy bamboo rafting for viewing the astonishing landscape. A small turning will bring you a new surprise, different angles of view will also bring you a different landscape, the noise of the city is left behind.

After sampling the delicious lunch, you'll pay a visit to Shi Wai Tao Yuan, the land of idyllic beauty. Sitting on the boat(optional) with blowing from cool breeze in the calm lake, you can see the mountains and waters, family and pastoral from a far distant as a fairyland in the world. You will feel carefree and satisfied in heart. 

Then head to Ten-Mile Gallery. Ten-Mile Gallery is a ten-mile road, there is a karst landscape along the whole road. Distributed with the Moon Mountain, Butterfly Spring, large banyan and other scenic spots, Ten-Mile Gallery is a name reputation for the beautiful scenery nearby. While riding a bicycle around the beautiful scenery and stopping at several scenic spots, or buying some fresh fruits on the road, you will enjoy happiness and freedom on this trip.

In the late afternoon, you will be sent back to Guilin.

Scenic spots included in the itinerary

Bamboo Rafting in Yangshuo
Shi Wai Tao Yuan
Ten-mile Gallery
Yulong River

Hotel Location

5 Star Hotel

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3 Star Hotel

Yangshuo County (Guilin)
Green Lotus Hotel Detail
Guifu Hotel Detail
Xinfuan Hotel (West Street) Detail

Dexule Suite

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Hotel Description

Hotel Position : Plaza del Angel, 12, 08002 Barcelona, Spain


Number of rooms:108



The Ping'anfu Hotel (Ping'anfu Binguan) is a luxury hotel located in the hustle and bustle of the city center. It is only 4 kilometers from the railway station and 28 kilometers from the airport. This hotel provide comfortable rooms, ranging from standard doubles to deluxe suites. Facilities in rooms include international direct dial telephones, satellite televisions, central air conditioning and mini bars. Room service is available on request. Guests of the hotel will also have the chance to relax in the sauna and massage center. The hotel has numerous restaurants, mostly serving Chinese cuisine.

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Services & Amenities

Hotel Policies

Check-in & Check-out

Check-in from 14:00

Check-out before 12:00

Hotel Notes

Smoking is now strictly prohibited within all public and enclosed spaces in Beijing. This hotel will NOT offer smoking rooms.

Hotel Description


Number of rooms:108



Price Includes

Entrance tickets as listed

Air-conditioned coach


English speaking guide

A bottle of water per day per person

Hotel pick-up and drop off service

Hotel for 1 night(if selected)

Bamboo rafting on Yulong River(2 persons shared)

Bicycle rental fee 


Tips to the guide and driver

Boat at Shi Wai Tai Yuan

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Guilin Airport Pickup

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Liusanjie Impression Show

$67 For 1people
Liusanjie Impression Show

  Liusanjie is a pretty singer of ethnic Zhuang in fairy tales. Around her, there are many colorful sagas. In 1961, Film Liusanjie gave birth. In the movie, the pretty Liusanjie and wonderful landscape of Guilin together with the folk songs prevail across China and south-east Asian. Since then, one generation after another generation, visitng Liusanjie and capturing her pretty folk song become a dream. Liusanjie Impression Show now is an arts exclusively without too much reality.

  Liusanjie Impression Show went to public on March 20, 2004. The officer of World Tourism Organisation remarks: the show can not be seen from anywhere except China, and from anywhere in the world, it is worthwhile coming for watching the show. The area for the performance is granted as the best resort by world tourism organization and the national culture industry demonstration base.

  Liusanjie Impression Show made by famous director “Zhang, yimou”, “Wang, Chaoge” and “Fan,yue” is one of the largest life performance in Impression Serials. The spot is located on the junction between Li River and Tianjiahe, facing opposite to Shutong mountain across the water. The Stage is a two-kilometer Li river water area with 12 peaks as backgrounds, very magnificent and ranked as the largest water and mountain theatre.

  There are seven parts in the performance. The theme is the classic tale “Liusanjie” as the performance fully shows the folk songs, ethnic custom and Li River fishery in arts. It is worth mentioning that 600 participants are all local fishermen and ethnic girls, not after professional training. For the reason above, visitors enjoy the real aboriginal life in Li River. The picture is rather magnificent with the background of real water landscape, lantern, music and dance.

  In the performance, the folk song is performed by local dialect and difficult to understand. The visitors need not understand what the song means, instead feel the Li River with heart. While watching performance, the higher seats lies, the better panoramic-view on the whole magnificent state.

  Liusanjie Impression Show is a real luxurious party which constructs a vast stage with dazzling lanterns and promote landscaping of Guilin. The whole stage is covered by lush greens planting with tea trees, Tail bamboo and grass. The lanterns and acoustic system are fixed and hidden in the environment. The watering stage is all made by bamboo raft. Without performance, the bamboo rafts could be disjoined and hidden, without any impact on Li River. Over 100 acres building lands, drum tower, bridge and VIP area all gave off a deep folk nature. The visitors marvel at that here is not an iron nail in whole project. The audience seats are made by green terrace with a 180-degree panoramic view of watching performance and landscape from two kilometers, at the same time it fits for dispelling flood. There are total 2200 seats including 2000 normal seats plus 180 VIP seats and 20 presidential seats. There are over 600 actors after special training together with costumes of different ethnics including Zhang, Yao and Miao.

/uploads/main/litimg/2019-04-23/5cbe83ca81b32.jpg /uploads/main/litimg/2019-03-06/5c7f6244a983f.jpg,/uploads/main/litimg/2019-03-06/5c7f6244ab2f3.jpg,/uploads/main/litimg/2019-03-06/5c7f6244ac9d7.jpg,/uploads/main/litimg/2019-03-06/5c7f6244ae48b.jpg,/uploads/main/litimg/2019-03-06/5c7f6244aff3f.jpg,/uploads/main/litimg/2019-03-06/5c7f6244b1622.jpg 67,67,67,67,67,67,67,67,67,67 134,134,134,134,134,134,134,134,134,134
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Yes everything was spectacular and fascinating very professional and prompt services. There were beautiful places to explore and to see in the 4 hours that we had. The comfort and beauty of the China was incredible, The history, culture and way of life of the local people we bumped into during the layover was beyond our expectations. Hiking on the Great wall after driving through a small remote countryside was very relaxing and rejuvenating. It was the best trip ever to experience on a few hours.

We had not previously used a travel agency for touring. The crew including the driver and tour guide were really funny, friendly and knowledgeable. Despite having limited time we still had free time allowing for shopping and grabbing a meal and drinks. Highly recommend this layover in Beijing.
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Bucharest, Romania

Great, compact, amazing tour. Our guide Jenny did the best to show us the most important attractions in Beijing in just a 2 day tour. I recommand her tours, she is great with groups, friendly and well prepared.
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Mike and Karen, Tucson, Arizona
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Highly recommend for everyone coming to Beijing
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We had an amazing trip with Jenny! She is very knowledgeable and answered all of our questions in fantastic English. She also is very organized so we were on time to each stop of our tour!
Show less


Durban, South Africa

Booking from South Africa on was so quick and easy, however I had to mail customer service as I had not received my confirmation within the 48 hours that the original mail had stated. Once done I received confirmation for all my train and internal flights within 20 minutes of sending the mail. I would highly recommend this website for booking trips through China and i will use it again in future.
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New York, NY

Well worth it! Jenny was really nice and incredibly helpful with the immigration process after airport personnel originally escorted to the wrong area and didn’t want to allow leaving the airport. She takes great photos! Beautiful views and fun to take the toboggan down. Wasn’t too crowded on this day - and definitely worth doing with a 7 hour layover. Nice car and driver too.
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Great app to buy train tickets. If you don't know the language you just show the e-ticket that the app gave you and the seller will give the tickets to you without the need to talk.
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Had a great layover tour! 100% worth it. Was easily picked up and transported to the Great Wall and back to the airport. Jenny’s English is perfect so communication flowed nicely. She even helped me take photos on the Great Wall!
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valsayn, Trinidad and Tobago

I used China tour company to visit Hangzhou on on feb 7th. It’s a private tour. The experience is very pleasant and enjoyable. Tour guide Mr. Mark Zhou was very good. He speaks good English and very patient. He knows his stuff. I visited West Lake , Buddhist temple and the Pagoda. The tour was very enjoying and place (Hangzhou) is a must to see if you wish to enjoy the nature and Chinese culture and tradition. I recommend it to every one visiting China.
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