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Guilin Rice Noodles Photos

Guilin Rice Noodles

  Guilin rice noodle

  Guilin rice noddle is a traditional snack with a long history and good reputation. Guilin rice noddle is famous for its unique flavor. Guilin rice noodle is made by rice grinding into syrup, after drying, squeezing into round stick or slice. The characteristic of Guilin rice noodle is white, tender, soft and fresh. There are many ways to serve the food. A special skill is required for making the brine, which was usually made by seasoning water from momordica grosvenori, bones and others. Accompanied with different seasonings and cooking methods of brine, Guilin rice noddle has different flavors too. There are lettuce noodle, tenderloin noodle, three delicacies noodle, the original soup noodle, Lucai noodle, sour and spicy noodle, horse meat noodle and danzi noodle.

  Who originally made Guilin rice noodle In order to unify China, emperor Qinshihuang once sent half-million troops for conquering South of China. In order to connect Xiangjiang river and Lijiang river for convenient transportation, Qinshihuang sent Shilu with workers for opening Lingqu Canal. But, the ethnics of south of China were quite brave and did not surrender. The battle between the army of Qinshihuang and army of south of China ethnics were quite intense. The south of China is mainly covered with mountains and the transportation is not convenient. The army of Qinshihuang did not get used to the local climate, and because of shortage of food supply, many soldiers felt starting and got sick. The soldiers of Qinshihuang get used to eat wheat because they were mostly originally from the north of China. Nowadays they left hometown and tried to conquer the south, without enough food, how to fight So finding food locally is the only solution out.

  But the south mainly grows rice, not the wheat. How to turn rice into wheat and make the soldiers of Qinshihuang accept the rice? Shilu granted the hard mission to the cook of the army. The cook grinds the rice into syrup, dried the rice syrup, then cooked medium-done, after that finally squeeze into rice stick. Meanwhile the medical doctor picked up herbs locally and made the anti-epidemic medicine soup for the soldiers. In order to keep health, another reason was the intense war, soldiers were served with rice noodle and medicine soup together. For this reason, Guilin rice noodle with brine came into being. After continuous processing and improvement, the brine of Guilin noodle began to have its unique flavor.

  Why the brine can cure the disease “The climate does not suit one” The brine of Guilin rice noodle is made by water of Caoguo, fennel, pepper, dried tangerine peel, cinnamon, clove, areca, Guizhi, pepper, geraniol, licorice, ginger, star anise which mainly cure belly ache, indigestion, vomiting and diarrhea. That is the reason for most elderly in Guilin all fond of eating rice noodle.

  After Qinshihuang unified south of china. From year Yuanding 6 of Han Dynasty, many descendent from north of China immigrated to Guilin including descendants of famous people such as Zhu, geliang; Hanxin; Tao,yuanming; Zhou, dunyi; Li, shimin; Zhao, kuangyin. The immigrants from North came to Guilin and named “rice noddle” as “rice flour” until anti-Japanese war.

  Therefore, Guilin Rice noodle began to be manufactured since Qin Dynasty. That also means residence from Guilin had rice noodle for two-thousand and three-hundred years.

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