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Rice Cooked in Bamboo Tubes Photos

Rice Cooked in Bamboo Tubes

  Rice cooked in bamboo tube

  Rice cooked in bamboo tube is made by raw rice and meat, filled in fresh bamboo tube, pouring enough water, sealed with banana leaves and roasted on fire. Rice is wrapped by bamboo tube, offering a pleasant smell of both bamboo and rice. If cooked with mixed salt, pork and rice, then the flavor is extraordinary tasty.

  Rice cooked in bamboo tube is a typical food of ethnic Dai with a rich cultural base. It is a Green food and ecological food which is valued as a precious national cultural heritage with a big room for growth.

  Rice cooked in bamboo tube offer two types: Rice cooked in bamboo tube and Rice cooked in fragrant bamboo tube. Rice cooked in bamboo tube is usually served for many local ethnics. When people go out for picking up and hunting, they usually cut a bamboo tube filled with rice and mineral water, cooked on fire. After the rice is well-done, cutting bamboo tube into half or more, for serving. The bamboo tube not only takes place of pot, but also takes place of bowl. If the rice in bamboo tube is well-done, the rice is both soft and tender with a sweet flavor.

  Rice cooked in fragrant bamboo tube is a bamboo made by wine-cup wide young bamboo which is around 40 inches long wrapped with pure white skin which is not glutinous. Rice cooked in young bamboo tube is convenient for taking everywhere. Within 10 hours, the rice will not turn into hard, both fit for eating warmly and coolly. The rice smells good with tender texture, additionally added with bamboo fragrance.

  Rice cooked in bamboo tube is a food with the most ethnic traits. There are four type of rice cooked in bamboo tube: Venison rice, meat rice, black bean rice, and yellow meat rice. Usually, the meat served in rice cooked in bamboo tube includes animals hunted across the mountain.

  How to make rice cooked in bamboo tube:

  Rice is put into water for 2 to 3 hours; while the green bamboo was cut into tubes; a 5cm-hole is opened on bamboo top for rice.

  Rice mixed with shredded mushroom, sausage, salt, sesame oil, sauce are put inside the bamboo tube.

  The mix takes up two thirds of the room filled with mineral water in the bamboo tubeRemove the bamboo cover back and roast the bamboo tube above the fireWhen the bamboo tube turns yellow, then it is well-done.

  While eating the fragrant rice in bamboo tube, while listening to the light music, while climbing up and down the mountain, it is totally an ideal way of seeking leisure.

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