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Volcano Park

Volcano Park

Tour Code : C1846
Type : Natural landscape
City / Province : Hainan(Haikou Sanya)
Built in :

Volcano Park

  Hainan Volcano Park

  Located in Haikou, the capital of Hainan Island, Hainan Volcano Park is the country's first volcano-themed national geo-park. Hainan is also home to nearly every variety of volcanoes in the world.

  The volcano-themed park, approved by the Ministry of Land and Resources, boasts the sites of more than 40 volcanoes and 30 volcanic caves. Vegetation, soil, lava, mineral water and hot springs are the five treasures in the volcanic area. The volcanoes in Hainan is the best preserved volcano heritage in the country.

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  According to geologists'' textual research, the volcanic eruption in Qiongbei started from early Tertiary period of Kainozoic era, about 65,000 thousand years ago, and lasted till the Holocene of Quaternary period, about 13 thousand years ago. After great changes of sea and land for thousands of years, 36 conical craters remain, of which Fenglu Ridge with an elevation of 222.8 meters is the highest peak in Qiongbei.

  With rich volcanic resources such as beautiful volcanoes, magic karst caves, as well as perfect ecology, pleasant climate, sweet spring water, fresh air and etc, this is a good place suitable for tourism and residence.

  In the wake of development in tourism this park was listed as a provincial scenic resort early in 1980s and designated by State Tourist Bureau as the main meeting place of China World Tourist Day on September 27, 1996.

  Today Hainan Volcano Park is a charming resort for its volcanic culture, ecological environment, modern garden, local customs,special hand crafts and local flavor food.

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