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Hangzhou Duck Photos

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Hangzhou Duck

  Hangzhou duck
  Hangzhou duck is famous Han style gourmet. It is made by mature duck as raw material, after pickling and deliberately made. It is bright red, smooth and very favorable.
  The duck should be prickled at first, then sauced, with special flavor, if temperature is higher than 7℃, the prickling time will be less than 12 hours.
  If prickling ducks is in large amount, for more flavoring, exchange the duck position from time to time.
  Potassium nitrate should be poured proportionally, or it will impact the color and eating of dish.
  The duck of this dish must be mature, the best duck is from Shaoxin, after many rounds, the finished duck is bright red, oily and fragrant.
  The fat of duck has low-melting point, and very digestive. It contains B vitamins and vitamin E more than other meat, can effectively resist beriberi, neuritis and inflammation, but also anti-aging. Duck contains abundant nicotinic acid, which is one of two important components of coenzyme in the human body, all kinds of duck in Brown Sauce product has a protective effect on myocardial infarction in patients with heart disease.
  The duck is washed clean and dry. The duck is put inside into container, best in crock, the duck is put inside, with fresh sauce, cooking alcohol, added with ginger, star anise, geranium with hot pepper. The condiments should be more than the duck and pressed with heavy load. If there are many ducks, for more flavor, exchange duck positions from time to time. After three to four days, it is sun-bathing. After three to four hours sun bathing, the duck became very favorable.
  When added condiments, it is mentioned additionally, adding no sugar. According to the taste and cooking method of residents in Hangzhou, adding sauce and sugar should be the same time for fresher. Adding sugar in the duck, it will make the taste of duck not good, and looks not pretty too. The best time in sauce should be from three to four days, if only in one day, the taste is not enough, if too much more, it is too salty. The same for the sun bathing, if too less not good, but too much more, without water, the flesh is too dry.
  There are skills on steaming. Because adding no sugar in sauce, so when steaming, there should be added with some sauce for fresh. The fire can not be too big for avoiding too much steam washing off the taste and color of the duck. After steaming, you have to wait until cool for cutting into slices. The flesh is often steamed with various vegetables, bamboos, tofu skin and taro with best flavor.
  The duck is best-preserved in dry, cool and low-temperature environment for avoiding to save in refrigerator and low down quality.

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