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Lijing Gate

Lijing Gate

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City / Province : Luoyang (Longmen、Shaolin)
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A majestic historical site that is the symbol of the ancient city of Luoyang and also the entrance to Luoyang Old City. The best edifice of the Chinese Central Plains that was also the first gate of ancient cities that is now one of the eight most famous scenic spots in Luoyang. The gate divided the residential city and the palace quarters.

Lijing Gate

Lijing Gate


Lijing Gate is the entrance to Luoyang Old Town District and was built during the Sui Dynasty between 581 and 618 AD. It is made up of high and thick walls incorporated with spacious watchtowers and multiple doors. Lijing Gate witnessed the rise and fall of the ancient Luoyang city through wars and other causes and has undergone various restorations making it look in shape to date. It used to be the office space for imperial court officials and a place of worship. Believers worship Mazu at the Hall of Queen of Heaven and other places of worship are the Town God’s Temple, Hall of Nine Dragons and Hall of Avalokitesvara. 


Major attractions and activities to do on a visit

Lijing Gate is among eight main sights in Luoyang and remains a window for visitors to learn the history and culture of Luoyang. There are numerous temples and alters at the gate that are places of worship.

Visiting this gate presents a number of historical displays like at the Cultural Corridor displaying sculptures, deities and archives. There is also the Emperor’s Archive which introduces 104 emperors who founded their capital in Luoyang. Do not miss the 13 gold pillars that represent that Luoyang was the capital of 13 dynasties.

Lijing Gate is also the best place to take photographs. For instance, standing in front of the gate gives out the most spectacular picture of the whole gate. Sunset pictures and the whole old street and town lit up is the most magical scene. 

The area is also the cheapest place to stock up on souvenirs, tea and snacks where you can stroll and unwind.

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