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Luoyang Museum

Luoyang Museum

Tour Code : C1976
Type : Museum
City / Province : Luoyang (Longmen、Shaolin)
Built in : 1974.BC


Luoyang Museum is the cultural landmark of Luoyang city and 1st class national museum in China with collection relics more than 0.4 million pieces, one of the best place to explore Chinese history and culture.

Luoyang Museum

                                             Luoyang Museum

  Luoyang, a major Chinese cultural center, was the capital of more than a dozen ancient dynasties, such as the Xia (2,100 -1,600 BC), the East Chou (770 - 256 BC). It experienced prosperous growth, making it one of the most affluent cities of the Tang Dynasty. Its rich history is reflected in the Luoyang Museum, located in the Luoyang downtown area.

        Luoyang Museum Luoyang Museum

  To enlarge the space for the rich collection of relics, the new museum is completed and opened to the public in 2009, located in the south of Niewan village, Anle town, next to Sui and Tang Dynasty Ruins Botanical Garden.

  Among its excellent selection of thousands of culture relics, with the following being the best exhibits in the museum.

  First, a Gold Seal crafted during the West Jin Dynasty (AD 265 - 316). Its base is square and engraved with five Chinese characters in the style of seal cutting. The layout and the design of this seal are simple but orderly.

       Luoyang Museum Luoyang Museum

  A Ceramic Glazed Teapot comes second. It has a flat bottom, a dragon-like handle and its body is primarily a brown ceramic glaze with grey-white spots, which gives the teapot an elegant appearance. Speaking of the Tang Dynasty (618 - 907), you may know of the world-renowned Tang tri-colored glazed pottery, a type of pottery produced with three colorful ceramic glazes, namely yellow, green and blue and the museum exhibits such pottery, including this classic example of a plump and life-like woman; mirroring the female aesthetic of the Tang Dynasty. Careful inspection will reveal complicate craftwork of the Tang tri-color glazed pottery, and that she is in a long brown gown, coils her hair in a bun and has but light makeup. Next up is a small figurine crafted in jade. The figure is crouching on the floor with two hands crossing in front of his abdomen. He is a high cheek boned man with thick eyebrows and a wide mouth and his mysterious status is complemented by a mask over his face. His heart-shaped and short-sleeved garment is very valuable for researching the fashion of dress during the Warring States Dynasty (475 - 221 BC).

      Luoyang Museum  Luoyang Museum

  The last piece is a replica of 'Golden Throne' sent by the Beijing Forbidden Palace Museum. In China's ancient history the golden throne was used exclusively by successive Emperors in the Hall of Supreme Harmony (Taihedian) within the Forbidden City in Beijing. The replica, made at a ratio of 1:7, is carved with dragons and embedded with jade and ruby.

  All in all, the exhibits from different dynasties displayed in the museum number far, far more than the above-mentioned items. If you are an archaeological or historical enthusiast, the Luoyang Museum should definitely be incorporated in your travel plan.

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