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Luoyang Old Street

Luoyang Old Street

Tour Code : C2413
Type : Historic sites , Views of the city
City / Province : Luoyang (Longmen、Shaolin)
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The epitome of culture and history set in one of the most prosperous cities in Chinese history that was also a starting point of the Silk Road. Luoyang Old Street the cradle of Chinese civilization and the first city on the ancient Silk Road with both residential and entertainment streets.

Luoyang Old Street

Luoyang Old Street


Luoyang Old Street situated to the northeast of Luoyang in Henan Province. The Old Town was built on the ruins of the Luoyang of the Sui and Tang dynasties in 1214 and played as the political, cultural, and economic center once.

Major attractions and activities to do on a visit

Learn about the rich and fascinating history spanning several dynasties and ethnic customs of the city that used to be the capital of the Han Empire remaining with ancient architecture like the Confucius Temple, the Bell Tower and Drum Tower, the Temple of Guan Yu, the Old City Hall and other ancient ruins in the midst of old narrow streets.

Discover small shops selling glazed pottery, calligraphy, handicrafts, antiques and paintings and testify to the growth of the street since ancient times when merchants streamed in and out of the street boosting its economy. Visit creation stores of artists and perhaps learn some pottery, local clothing making or paper cutting with the help of a guide.

Visit at dusk and see lanterns lit up on the streets with street food stalls busy than during the day with vendors yelling to make their sales. People watch the locals going through their daily life some working and others playing table games like mahjong or chess. Uncover and set foot where Empress Wu Zetian, the only female monarch in Chinese history ruled the area.

Try local foods like mutton soup, grated radishes, pancake soup and featured delicacies and even be part of a water Banquet which is the local dining custom of the area made up of eight cold and sixteen warm dishes cooked in various broths. Discover the Muslim community in the area and taste their distinctive yet delicious noodles mixed with chicken or lambs. If you are thrilled and feel adventurous try a stick of freshly grilled scorpions.

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