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Henan stewed noodles Photos

Henan stewed noodles

  Henan stewed noodles
  Henan stewed noodles is one of ten famous noodles across China with a history of over 4000 years. It is a traditional snack gathering meat, vegetable, soup and noodle. It tastes fresh, economical, with a good reputation across China. Henan stewed noodle is made by strong flour, added with soup and many side vegetables. It is a dish similar to wide noodle with delicious soup, chewy noodle and high nutrition.
  The soup is made by top-class tender lamb, lamb bone ( cut in half with marrows inside) for boiling over five hours, first with large fire, then simmer in little fire, added with few Chinese herbs, the oil of bones all cook out, the soup made has the bright milky color, the same as cattle milk, named as white soup. The side dish is Kelp silk, silk tofu, vermicelli, coriander, quail egg, sea cucumber and squid. When served on table, it usually comes with Coriander, pepper oil, and Pickled Sweet Garlic. The soup has two kinds: Soup and noodles.
  There is a fable regarding this dish.
  It is said before emperor Li, shimin of Tang dynasty became emperor, he escaped as refugee in winter and got sick, luckily he was kept by one farmer. The farmer was quite nice and raised elks for cooking soup, for the troops in pursuit, he extended the noodle from the dough and put into hot pot in a hurry. Then, Li, shimin ate it, his cold was healed. After Li, shimin became emperor, he sent cook for learning the skills. Since then, there is a noodle with the name as “qilinmian” in the palace. Later because the elks are rare, the sheep took place of the elk. The present stewed noodles came into being.
  How to make “Henan stewed noodles”
  The wheat flour is added with alkali, few salt, 100g clear water and mixed for the doughThe dough takes a rest for 15 minutes and redone as smooth dough.
  The dough was made as evenly pieces, press into flat, brushed with oil for avoiding water losingLamb was cleared by hot waterLamb was added with seasonings for simmering one hour until milky soupTake the piece of dough, press from the middle with chopsticks.
  Extend both two sides of the noodle
  Divide from the indentation of the noodleAdded green cabbage, Matrimony vine and noodle.
  Added with pepper, salt, and ground garlic, it is ready for serving.

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