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teamed white radish with mung bean powder Photos

teamed white radish with mung bean powder

  Teamed white radish with mung bean powderTeamed white radish with mung bean powder is a Han ethnic cuisine of province Henan. The dish includes white radish, sea cucumber, squid and chicken. Teamed white radish with mung bean powder is like a pure white and colorful peony floating on the soup. The dish is tasty while the flower is pretty and gain lots of appraise from guests.
  Teamed white radish with mung bean powder is a cuisine of west of Henan. It is ranked as the first course for “Luoyang Water Banquet”. (“Luoyang Water Banquet” originated from Tang Dynasty with a history over 1000 years, there are 24 dishes altogether including eight cold dishes, four big dishes, eight middle dishes and four main dishes). Water Banquet has two meanings, one is that all dishes are hot with soup and second is after one dish is served, the next continues, one after another, as water flows. Teamed white radish with mung bean powder is like a woman dressed up in Tang dynasty, once appearing, catching all eyesight. Imagine, one dazzling peony floats on the soup, the flower is colorful meanwhile dish is fragrant, soup is fresh, sour and spicy, fresh and smooth. It is totally enjoyable.
  There is a fable regarding this dish. When Wuzetian was the empress, there grows a very large white radish from the garden of Donguan of city Luoyang which is three-inches long, and weights around 36.9jin, the top is green while the bottom is white. Regarding the white radish as miracle, the farmer sent the white radish as a tribute to empress. Empress felt happy on the giant white radish and sent it to the kitchen for cooking. The cook in the imperial kitchen thought for a long time and cooked deliberately. The white radish was made as a soup after added with seafood and fresh chicken soup. When the dish is served, the empress felt so tasty, fresh, tender, smooth, sweet and sour. Because it is in the shape of a bird nestle, thus got the name “Fake bird nestle”. Because the cooking material “the white radish” comes from Dongguan of Luoyang, thus got the name “Teamed white radish with mung bean powder”, later passed around to the public.
  On October, 1972, Prime Minister Zhou accompanied Canadian Prime Minister visit Luoyang. During the visit, the famous cook of Luoyang cooked the dish, he made some skill renovation. He used the egg to make a peony in the middle of dish, vivid and colorful. Prime Minster Zhou appraised this dish for “peony in Luoyang is ranked as top one in the world while there is also a peony growing out of this dish”. Since then, the dish got the name as “Teamed white radish with mung bean powder”.
  In the dish, the white radish is needed to cut into extremely thin silk, after complicated method of three-times steaming and three-time cooling, added with meat soup and top-quality side materials, the taste of the dish is sour, spicy and fresh. The radish silk is chewy and tasty, after trying, it will add lots of appetite to you.

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