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Guandi Temple

Guandi Temple

Tour Code : C2103
Type : Historic sites
City / Province : Shanxi (Datong、Pingyao)
Built in : 589 B.C


Guandi Temple stand for the glory and nobility of Guan Yu — a revered general who earned deity status in Chinese culture.This temple is built in the hometown of Guan, Yuncheng which gives a remarkable presence to the city.Architecture from the 17th century and depictions of the general's valor blaze all over.

Guandi Temple

  temple 关帝庙

temple is located from the west pass to county Xiezhou, city Yuncheng, province Shanxi. It faces Yanchi from the north and faces Zhongtiao directly.temple was built in(589), once enlarged and renovated in Dynasty Song and Dynasty Ming, in Kangxi of Dynasty Qing (1702) it was destroyed inand after over ten years began to be renovated.Temple coversover 100and have room over 200.temple is listed as Important Historical Monuments under Special Preservation and National AAAA class scenic spot.

TheTemple is divided into southern and northern parts. The southern area is centered on Jieyi Garden and includes a memorial archway, the Gentleman Pavilion, the Three-Sworn-Brothers Pavilion and rockeries. At the Three-Sworn-Brothers Pavilion, an engraved picture from the time of Emperor Qianlong tells the story of Liu Bei, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei, who swore to be brothers in Taoyuan.

The central temple is built in the north. It consists of a front and a back palace. In the front palace, constructions on the central axis include: the Duan Gate, the Zhi Gate, the Wu Gate, the Imperial Writing Building and the Chongning Hall and side halls on the east and west sides. The back palace is surrounded by the Spring and Autumn Building; the Sword and Seal buildings are built symmetrically on the two sides. It is said that Guan Yu loved to read the Confucian classic, Spring and Autumn Annals, throughout his life -- hence got the building's name, Spring and Autumn Building.

General Guanyubravely and hardly in the war throughout all his life. His stories spread all over the nation.was so brave and no one can compare, temple built for him were all over China too. Nowadays, as more and more Chinese went abroad, the folk and custom of Guanyu began to follow overseas Chinese and passed around across the whole world too. Anywhere if residing with Chinese, there must be Guandi temple. Believers for Guanyu covers from emperors, rich business man and government officers to local residences.

Believing in Guanyu is not purely a superstition, but mainly a social belief from history evolution. There are many activities including temple fair, performances in, and worshiping inTemple.believe in Guanyu because he is thefor honesty and the god for protecting wealth and luck. He can bring fortune and peace to. Every lunarJune 24th is the birthday for Guanyu.

is the famous general of Kingdom Shu in Period Three . At first, he is a national hero adored by . Because his loyalty and honesty, he is worshiped as a spiritual god. Through the worship by emperors, businessmen, governmental officers, and local residence, little by little, Guanyu turned into a god from the normal human being. The beliefs to Guanyu strength the mutual recognition of Chinese.

The local residence come to thetemple forrains, giving birth children, removing ill fortune and sickness, blessing for family nowadays worshiped for procuring fortune and getting rich.

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