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Hengshan Mountain

Hengshan Mountain

Tour Code : C1963
Type : Historic sites , Natural landscape
City / Province : Shanxi (Datong、Pingyao)
Built in : Natural landscape


Hengshan Mountain is the Northern Mountain of the Five Sacred Mountains.which famous for steepy ridges, splendid peaks, exotic-shaped temples, and gushing fountains, together with oddly-shaped stones and forests of ancient trees, which constitutes a beautiful landscape.

Hengshan Mountain

  Hengshan, once named as, Hengzong, Yuanyue, Ziyue, Damaoshan or Changshan, lies in ten-miles away from south of county Hunyuan in province Shanxi, 62to city Datong is regarded as northern Yue of all fiveEastern Yue “Taishan mountain”, Western Yue “Huashan mountain, southern Yuemountain, middle Yuemountain. The main peak Tianfengling of Hengshan has an altitude of 2016.1and the mainworshipped as god Hengshan (same as God Northern Yue)The landscape of Hengshan is famous for dangerous terrain, magnificent mountain, odd temple and queer spring. The beauty of Hengshan was recorded by Xuxiake in Ming dynasty in “Travels of Xuxiake”. There are eighteen hot spots in ancient time, but now left withHuixianfu, and Jiutiangong over ten hot spots.

  In 1982, with the name ofHengshan scenery interest, Hengshan is approved as the first national landscape sceneries. Among whichpass, Zijin pass, Pingxing pass, Yanmen pass, Ningwu pass lies in the throat hub from the highlands beyond the Great Wall to the flat land of Hebei and acted as afor both sides since ancient.
  The 2016.8 meter latitude peak lies from south of county Hunyuan named as “Rentianbeizhu”, “Saijuemingshan” and “the second mountain in the heaven”.

  In western Han dynasty, Hengshana name same as “Liuheng” of Wendi of Han Dynasty, therefore it was regarded as a taboo and renamed Hengshan with “”. According to the recording in Shangshu, when emperor Yao and Shun patrolled to the north, they once prayed for the northern Yue from a far distance and conferred upon Northern Yue as the master for tens of. Later, whenYu controlled the flood, he once recorded “the north of the river is Hengshan”. Hengshan has a long history with the first emperor in, Wudi of Han dynasty, Taizong of Tang dynasty,of Tang dynasty,of Song Dynasty all once named north Yue as king and emperor with the first emperor in Ming Dynasty named northern Yue as God.

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