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Lijiashan Village

Lijiashan Village

Tour Code : C2237
Type : Historic sites
City / Province : Shanxi (Datong、Pingyao)
Built in : Ming Dynasty


Lijiashan Village is like a natural sound filter, filtered out the noise and prosperity of the world, bring people into a simple and quiet world, the perfect combination of mountains and buildings, the natural beauty of living environment, the beauty of cave layers overlapping, has been perfectly reflected here.

Lijiashan Village

    Village is located in Shanxi province on the coast of the Yellow River. It is the birthplace of Chinese civilization. Today, there are around forty families left; the local school has only four students. The Black Dragon, which was supposed to protect this town and is still proudly standing on the top of the cliff above the river.  Local people are still bringing some fruit or alcohol from a local store to offer as a sacrifice to the local gods. From the top of the temple walls, where two big bronze bells are standing.
  From Qikou town, it is about a one hour walk to the cave dwellings Lijiashan. The name literally means ‘Mountain of the Li family’. On first sight, you can see that no poor people lived here. There are some poor caves as well, but most of them have huge, beautiful gates and some of them even have small yards.
  Today, these cave villas are just a memory of the richness that was here in. All the people left. Most of them ran away during the war with Japan. No Japanese camethe end, but the fear of that cast out all the habitants. Most of them never came back; only old graves of their ancestors remain as a reminder of the presence of their families.
  Some of these ancient houses have been turned into small hotels. Most of these houses have more than five hundred years of history. They are on nine levels of terrace hills; the stairs connecting them are allfrom the ancient Ming dynasty. No windows have glass. They are all still made from paper. Some of the gates head directly to the cave in the mountain, some of them first head into the small yards and then each room is a small cave dug into the mountain.

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