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Pusading Temple

Pusading Temple

Tour Code : C2108
Type : Historic sites
City / Province : Shanxi (Datong、Pingyao)
Built in : 631 B.C


Pusading Temple lies at top of Wutai mountain.there are so many halls gathering in an orderly layout and looks very magnificent.The 108 steps in front of the temple are behalf of 108 counties in old Shanxi province. When people landed Pusading temple,they usually have a panoramic view on county Taihuai and take photos.

Pusading Temple

  temple is the largest Huang temple in Mount Wutai of province ShanxiPusading temples lies in peak Lingjiunorth to Xiantong temple county Taihuai. It coversover 45 acres with more than 430 halls.

  is the residence for Bodhisattva Manjusri and one of five Zen areas in China. The temple was built in emperor Xiaowen inWeiand renovated after many dynasties. After emperor Yongle in Ming Dynasty, Mongolian and Tibetan lama resided in mount Wutai and Mount Wutai became the first yellow temple. Emperor Qianlong and Kangxi once visited and resided in Mount Wutai. The emperor grantto the Lama and ordered the whole province Shanxi to contribute to the Lama.

  Conforming to the mountain, the palace was built with an orderly layout. In front of the temple, there108 steps. In the temple, there is Hall of Heavenly King; Bell and Drum Tower, the Great Buddha’s Hall and so on. There are covered with three-color glazed tiles for all halls. It looks colorful, though through hundreds of years, it still looks new until now. There is a tablet housing pavilionto the eastern courtyard in the temple, the tablet was engraved out of a huge stone, 6 inches high, 1 inch wideengraved in Han, Mongolian, Tibetan, and Man four characters. The engraved article in the tablet told the history of Pusading temple and the experience when emperor Qianlong visited Mount Wutai. The handwriting was written rather.

  Temple lies atin a high positionthere are so manyin an orderly layout and looks very magnificent. The 108 steps in front of the temple are behalf of 108 counties in. When people landed Pusading temple, they usually have a panoramic view on county Taihuai and take photos. The buildings in Pusading temple were all made in. The style was made according to the style of building imperial palaces. Thus, the whole temples looks very magnificent, especially for engraving arts, very precious and valuable.

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