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Tongli Water Town

Tongli Water Town

Tour Code : C2331
Type : Historic sites , Natural landscape
City / Province : Suzhou
Built in : Song Dynasty


Tongli Water Town is one of the six famous ancient water towns to the south of the Yangtze River renowned for photography lovers, Chinese architecture enthusiasts and cultural buffs and in 1982 it was recognized as a major cultural and historical town to be protected on a national level.

Tongli Water Town



Tongli Water Town is located 18 kilometers from Suzhou and is the most preserved ancient water town in Jiangsu province maintaining affluent history as well as culture. The water town was rather inaccessible saving it from attacks and war damage meaning that most of its ancient structures are really well preserved. For instance its scenic stone bridges, private gardens, temples, and houses are all still standing and were built hundreds of years ago during Ming and Qing dynasty.


Also best referred as the Venice of the east packed with culture, beautiful sprawling architecture and plenty of novelty, its streets echo stories and legends from back in the days with ancient bridges and house complexes. The town has a total of 38 gardens, 55 ancient bridges, 47 temples and hundreds of residences still retaining their traditional styles from the Ming and Qing Dynasties surrounded by 5 lakes from outside and divided by 15 rivers.


Major attractions and activities to do on a visit


Tuisi Garden/ Retreat and Reflection Garden


The most famous location in the town is Tuisi Garden built between 1885 and 1887 by Ren Lansheng. The garden is complete with ancient architecture including small wooden buildings with typical Chinese roofing styles and a perfectly reflecting pond. The atmosphere in the garden makes you get the feeling of an ancient charm from the historic wood building and a delight of rockeries, pavilions, halls, pools, old trees, lovely flowers, adorable fishes and terraces.


The Three Bridges


The three Bridges here are the Taiping Bridge, Changqing Bridge and Jili Bridge which are a must see while on a visit to Tongli water town. Their shape forms the character “品” in Chinese which is a treasure place in the water town. On a visit here you can experience the tradition of crossing the three stone arc bridges important during weddings and special traditional ceremonies which signify luck and happiness to the locals, float through the canals as you enjoy a relaxing, breathtaking and unforgettable gondola ride and also see locals participating in an ancient fish catching cormorant method


Jiayin and Congben Hall


These two halls: the Jiayin and Congben halls are famous for their articulate carvings of ancient Chinese classics. Jiayin hall has gauze cap like beam decorations while Congben hall has exquisite sculptures. The skill put in to bring out the profound cultural connotations that the carvings highlight leave a great impression to every visitor that sets foot in this location.


Gengle Hall


Built during the Ming Dynasty, the hall has seen the rise and fall of several dynasties and has been classified as one of the eight most famous attractions in Tongli. The hall has several interesting spots like the flower tree, figures, the eagle and the lion Not forgetting the very clear pool with red fishes and exquisite winding stone bridges.


Pearl tower


The famous Tower opens up to ancient houses and a wide water garden where you can go back in time where the heartfelt drama and love story between Chen and Fang Qing took place at the Pearl Tower and feel the beauty of the power of love above poverty.

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