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Black garlic diced beef Photos

Black garlic diced beef

  Black garlic seed beef

  Black garlic seed beef is a local cuisine of Tianjin. Except Tianjin, It is hard to find this cusine. Black garlic seed beef is a must-go dish for those who visit Tianjin.

  The cuisine has the feature of tender meat, fresh taste, and feels sweet and spicy. From the name, obviously garlic and beef are main ingredient of the dish. Black pepper, oyster sauce are the key seasonings. The dish demands high on seasoning of pickling and cooking the dish. The texture of beef is rather rough, only pickling for a while, the meat can absorb the flavor of seasoning. In order to make the beef more tasty, it needs to absorb sauce, ground black pepper, cooking alcohol, salt. In order to make the beef more tender, beef should mix with egg and starch. At last, veg root, onion, carrot, tomato should be added for pickling beef. One reason is to wipe off the stink of beef, another reason is when served, the beef has veg flavor. When eating, though beef with veg fragrant, but can not see where the veg it is. When cooling, put little butter, add black pepper and oyster sauce, the three seasonings makes the beef taste pleasant. This dish combine western and Chinese method in cooking, though not complicated, but if well-done, there still require a lot of work. Currently the best dish is served by Guiyuan restaurant located at No. 103, Chengdu road, Heping district.

  The beef is wrapped with thick sauce, meanwhile with butter flavored garlic, it looks very tasty. The beef seed is big, in appropriate ratio of lean and fat, hard but tender, the cooking is appropriately done, the beef is not over-cooked, without the stink of beef. Black pepper play an important role, it makes the beef fresh and tender with little sweet, not hard and soft. The dish is more tasty with sauce. If you like garlic, but care about the smell, then this dish can meet your taste however you do not need to worry about the bad smell of garlic in this dish.

  Beef contains high protein, low fat, and various amino acid and mineral, high rate of chemical absorption, and it can develop immunity from disease, promote protein metabolism and synthesis and warm stomach.

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