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Basum Lake

Basum Lake

Tour Code : C2434
Type : Natural landscape
City / Province : Tibet
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A holy highland lake of Red Sect renowned for its fascinating and eye-popping scenery endowed with snowcapped mountains and natural forests create a heaven for photographers. This beauty combines scenery and amazing legends in the middle of religious Buddhist heaven set in the middle of Tibetan land spectacular to explore.

Basum Lake


Basum Lake is situated in Gongbo’gyamda County which is 56 miles west of Kongpo Gymdo County in a deep valley at an altitude of 3,538 meters. Basum Lake is crescent in shape and the scenery surrounding it is full of mountain ranges and lush trees. It’s also named Basumco Lake or Cuogao Lake meaning green water in the Tibetan language. Basum Lake area bears a temperate climate because it is surrounded by mountains capped with snow glaciers. The glacier melts and creates a constant supply of freshwater enhancing the growth of lush green vegetation and trees like pines cypresses, black maples, azaleas and birches. The pristine and crystal clear water of the green lake reflects the snowcapped peaks bordering the lake to create the most heavenly view. The Basum Lake is also home to fauna, fish, birds and animals.

The lake is considered holy amongst the Tibetan Buddhists of the Nyingma sect including a Nyingma temple sited at the center of small island next to a child seeking hole blessed by Padmasambhava (founder of Nyingma sect), that is believed to be quite effective for individuals eager to have babies as it increases the luck to get pregnant.

Basumtso Lake's Myth

Basumtso Lake has a number of myths around its features. For instance, locals believe that passing through a hole cut through a stone can heal misfortunes and even diseases. Locals also believe that the lake area is the beginning place of Tibetan Buddhismus during the 7th and 8th centuries where the oldest Tibetan Buddhist schools also are known as the 'school of the old persons' or the so-called red caps can be found at the shores of the lake.


Things to see and do on a visit

Jieba Village

Jieba Village is a big village located e near Basum Lake. A visit to the Jieba village is an experience on its own because of the distinct Tibetan religion to worship Nyingma sect other than the Gelug sect. Locals can be seen wearing unique outfits, speaking a different language, living in spectacular local dwellings and celebrating their authentic festivals. Women in this community wear silver chains around their waist amongst other beautiful jewelry and most of the other people wear robes accompanied by black and white ruffled felt hats wrapped with flowers.


Basum Lake Natural Beauty

Compared to other holy lakes in Tibet, Basum Lake is set up in the middle of a profuse primeval forest creating a serene environment that can relieve any form of outside stress because of the heavenly view. The lakes crystal transparent water projects an ever-changing kaleidoscope of the surrounding slopes in all different seasons and provides a clear view of a school of fish, white cranes and sand gulls going by their day to day life. At a distance from the lake, the magnificent views of endless mountains with snow caps stand still and top up all the beauty of the lake area. As the seasons change the beauty of the area becomes more and more distinct and breathtaking.

Tashi Island

Tashi Island is the most popular tourist destination set up at the center of the lake that was founded in the 17th century. The island is connected by bridges on both of its sides to the shores of the river. On this island, visitors can see numerous prayer flags and a 1500 plus year old wooden two-layer temple that attracts visitors from far and wide to worship enshrined Buddha’s.

Seeking Child Hole

The seeking child hole is a formation on a large stone that has a width of more than 20 centimeters and depth of 40 centimeters. The hole is formed on a small round rock that extrudes from the hole making the entire shape resemble the female genitalia. Locals believe that if people who wish to get pregnant visit this area, their wishes come true.

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