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Lake Manasarovar

Lake Manasarovar

Tour Code : C2438
Type : Natural landscape
City / Province : Tibet
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Lake Manasarovar is 35 kilometers east of Pulan County in Ali Region of Tibet and south of Mount Kailash. It is also one of the best known Holy Lakes in Tibet. The natural scenery around it is very beautiful. Since ancient times, Buddhist believers have regarded it as the "World Center" of the holy land.

Lake Manasarovar


Lake Manasarovar is located in Burang County that is 20 kilometers southeast of Mount Kailash. The lake sits at an elevation of 4,583 meters and spans through an area of 412 square kilometers and its deepest point going 70 meters deep with its northern side being broader than the southern side.

In Tibetan local dialect, Manasarovar actually means “invincible lake‘’. During the competition between the Bon Religion and Buddhism in the 11th century, Buddhism won and changed the name of the lake to Manasarovar from Machui Co. According to Buddhist beliefs, bathing in the waters of this lake cast out avaricious desires, clears past sins and troubling thoughts. Pilgrims in Tibet also believe that circling the lake in prayer adds endless benefits to their intercession so most pilgrims head to Tibet and specifically to Manasarovar and circle the lake drinking its water and praying for the greatest fortune. Throughout the year, many pilgrims and tourists are equally attracted to the holy Kailash Mountain.


Things to see and do on Lake Manasarovar

Visitors who visit the area during summer can see flocks of swan that dot the lake area giving it a sense of life and joy. There is a hot spring located near Chiu Gompa ideal for washing away fatigue and to relax.

Lake Manasarovar Yatra

At the lake there is an annual yatra which is a pilgrimage at a holy site where pilgrims from Nepal, China and India converge for a kora (sacred walk). The kora is believed to bring cosmic blessings and this event is the most memorable event for both believers and non-believers.

Lake Rakshastal

Lake Rakshastal is situated ten kilometers away from Ji Wu Temple and is a favorable photo shooting location especially with its ice formation present as it takes longer to melt compared to that of lake Manasarovar.

Ji Wu Temple

Ji Wu Temple is a renowned destination for visitors where they can get magical photos of Lake Manasarovar especially during early sunrise and during sunset because it is located on the western banks of Lake Manasarovar making it ideal to catch the beauty of the two events. In addition to the lake views from a distance, this temple is also the best place to get the best shot of Ji wu village, Gurla Mandhata and grazing cattle and sheep. Towards the northern east side of this temple, the reflection of Gurla Mandhata and the bay can also be obtained in the most unique scene.

Chu Temple

Chu Temple is the largest temple found in the lake Manasarovar area. The temple is located on the south side of Manasarovar at around 20 kilometers away from Ji Wu Temple. View from the top of temple is the most rewarding view of the lake and most visitors climb the temple to have a perfect glimpse. This temple is also the perfect place to get the best shooting angles of the Holy Mountain and the sacred Lake. During summer, pilgrims from Nepal and India flock this temple for their annual festivals and practices.

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