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Tibetan butter cake Photos

Tibetan butter cake

  西藏 酥酪糕 Tibetan butter cake  Tibetan butter cake is a famous pastry in Tibet Autonomous Region.It's made of cheese which has a very high nutritional value.It is a kind of milk dessert which is specially prepared for guests or monks who come to Tibetan family on holidays.  The cooking method is simple and easy.First dry the milky white starch(Tibetan people call it as Qure)which has been extracted cream.Then use millstones to mill it into powder.Put butter (cream), sugar, ginseng fruit (also called herba boehmeria),raisins and walnuts into the milky white starch.Make it into dough.The shape of dough can be round or square.The Tibetan people may also put some green and red silk on the surface of the dough.These patterns symbolize good luck and a long life.Then put the dough into the food steamer and steam it.When the important guests come,the Tibetan butter cake may be served as a whole or cut into pieces.  When people eat it ,It has a thick milk flavor.It is loved by people of all ages and nationalities.It has a very good function for health care besides the delicious taste.You can nourish the body while enjoying the food.It has a variety of materials that are very beneficial to the body.The ginseng fruit in Tibetan is a nutritious food which is pure natural and pollution-free .It grows in an area of 3700 meters above the sea level.It can be very effective in warming and nourishing the stomach and consuming fat.According to scientific research,the ginseng fruit is rich in protein and has a variety of saponin and flavone.It can effectively improve the immune system,enhance physical strength,stimulate the growth of the brain,prevent fatigue and aging.It is suitable for pregnant women, children's growth and development, the elderly body deficiency, anemia, malnutrition.The walnuts have a positive effect on activating blood circulation and removing blood stasis.Tibetan butter cake is very worth trying.

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