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Xian Museum

Xian Museum

Tour Code : C2337
Type : Museum
City / Province : Xian
Built in : 2007


Xian Museum was opened on World Museum's Day on May 18th, 2007. It is located southwest of Jianfu Temple and covers 164,000 square kilometers as it stands on a three story building with an underground floor. Its architectural design symbolizes the traditional Chinese concept of the universe; a round heaven and a square earth. The museum is made up of an exhibition hall, Jianfu Temple and the Small Wild Goose Pagoda presenting a comprehensive overview of the history of Xian.

Xian Museum

Xi’an Museum, highlighting history and culture of Xi’an, is located in middle section of Zhuque Street in the south of Xi’an and composed of three parts including museum, site of Jianfu Temple in Tang Dynasty and Historical and Cultural Park of Small Wild Goose Pagoda, being distinctive among museums in China integrating world cultural heritage, historical and cultural relics under state protection, ancient architectural complex and modern exhibition hall.  


Housed in the pleasant grounds of the Jianfu Temple is this large municipal museum featuring relics unearthed in Xi'an over the years. It is a three-storied building, with an underground floor unseen from the outside. Don’t miss the basement, where a large-scale model of ancient Xi'an gives a good sense of the one-time capital of 13 dynasties in its former pomp and glory, shown historical features of Xi’an (referred to as Chang’an in ancient times) as a capital of the largest number of dynasties for longest duration (more than 1000 years) in ancient China and cradle of Chinese civilization in various fields including politics, economy and culture etc. It is also the origin of “Silk Road” and the first international metropolis in history of China.


The architectural design of the museum follows the traditional Chinese concept of the universe - a round heaven and a square earth. It has been recognized as one of the ten landmark buildings of the city and offers excellent facilities for the display of precious cultural relics thereby ensuring their full appreciation.


The exhibition hall on the first floor has a display of Buddhist statues as well as figurines and other precious historical relics. Most of the lifelike statues are carved in stone while some fine gilded statues are made of copper and bronze. There is also a three-dimensional virtual imaging system installed in a cabinet on this floor. When the visitors approach the cabinet, the virtual stone door opens automatically, and the virtual Gilded Amitabha Buddha Statue' gradually appears. The statue turns as it follows the steps of tourists and sends out Virginia Bright Leaf now and then.


The exquisite jade artifacts, ceramics from the Han dynasty, Ming-dynasty seals are shown on the second floor. For instance, more than 200 official seals excavated in the square of Bell Tower and Drum Tower in the city. Approximately 10,000 paintings and calligraphies, including works by Zheng Banqiao, a very famous painter during the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) are on display.


Exhibition of Small Wild Goose Pagoda-Jianfu Temple History on central axis of Small Wild Goose Pagoda Scenery Spot shows the historical fact and experience in exchange and innovation between orient and west in terms of culture along Silk Road in those days.


Buffet Party in Xi'an Museum

The Xi'an Museum is not only a place of interests but also a hall of purifying one's soul. Visitors can enjoy a Buffet Party in the imperial garden of the museum at the time of sightseeing.


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