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Minced noodles Photos

Minced noodles

  minced noodles

  Minced Noodles is characteristic food in northwest of China.The most authentic minced noodles is Qishan minced noodles in Baoji.It is popular in Guanzhong Plain of Shaanxi and east of Gansu and other places.

  The most important thing of minced noodles is its soup.The soup is the soul.It has nine features.Sour:use vinegar to highlight the acid soup;Spicy:pour hot oil on chili powder to make the soup spicy and fresh;Flavor:it has a unique flavor;Thin:the noodles is very thin.Chewy:the noodles is thin but chewy;Smooth:the noodles is smooth like fish;Hot:the soup’s temperature is very high;Diluted:only one mouthful per bowl,noodles is rarely;Heat retaining:the soup has a lot of oil,seals the heat,even in the coldest days,is not easy to be cold.There are various of fixings,it has many colors,such as red (carrot),yellow(day lily),white(tofu),golden(omelet),black(fungus),green(leek)Minced noodles has a long history.Originated in the Shang and Zhou dynasties,It has been very famous in the Qing Dynasty.Minced Noodles has a great impact on people’s life of Guanzhong Plain. What is the most important dish in your home? Chicken, duck, fish or meat For Shaanxi people,noodles is the most important dish.Minced noodles always comes to the first.Minced Noodles is inseparable whether wedding or funeral, festivals,old people’s birthday or relatives and friends come to visit.In the rural area,the morning of the first day of the new year is basically to eat minced noodles.Before meal,sprinkle some soup in front of the door in order to pay homage to ancestors,then the family will enjoy it.Minced noodles is no less important than dumplings for Shaanxi people.So if you come to Xi'an to attend a friend's dinner, you will find the last food without exception is a big bowl of minced noodles.

  Minced noodles is easy to digest and absorb,it can improve anemia, enhance immunity, balance nutrient absorption and other effects.Minced noodles is rich in carbohydrates, can provide enough energy.In addition,minced noodles can stimulate people's thinking , so eat a bowl of noodles with nutrition is a good choice.

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