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Jiuxiang Cave

Tour Code : C2029
Type : Natural landscape
City / Province : Yunnan (Kunming)
Built in :


Known as the "museum of karst caves", Jiuxiang boasts more than 100 karst caves and is the largest cave group system in China. The cave formations are very varied and the rivers, waterfalls, and natural rock bridges are very enchanting.

Jiuxiang Cave

  Jiuxiang lies in north-west to county Yiliang of ethnic Hui and Yi with a distance over 60 square kilo-meters to Kunming. Jiuxiang covers an area over 200 square kilometers.

  Jiuxiang is famous for Karst Cave. It is a comprehensive landscape consisted of natural environment, human life and ethnic culture. Hundreds of karst caves in various sizes form the largest and the queerest karst Cave complex. Nowadays, over 90 karst Caves have been excavated. The Karst Cave in Jiuxiang is reputed as magnificent, steep, queer and elegant. Another wonder for Jiuxiang is the beautiful water for its 2 kilometer underground water karst cave, waterfalls and steep Valley river. The peace and mystery from the nature can be found while boating in Jiuxiang.

  Ethnic Yi is the local aboriginal resident with a long tradition and culture. Festival Jiuxiang God Hunting is one important holiday for the local. Many activities including wrestling, bull-fighting, folk dance and songs are held for celebrating this important holiday.

  Except karst Cave, the flower and stone of Jiuxiang are another wonder. Jiuxiang is the hometown for Orchid in most species comparing to other area. While stone in Jiuxiang is very valuable too.

  Karst Cave and valley boating are the main activity while travelling in Jiuxiang. Wearing more is the best suggestion for tourist.

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