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Tianmenshan National Forest Park

Tianmenshan National Forest Park

Tour Code : C2270
Type : Natural landscape
City / Province : Zhangjiajie (Hunan)
Built in :


Tianmenshan National Forest Park is famous for Tianmen Cave with a natural cavity between mountains, enjoy the intricate 99 turns of the road, experience how thrilling it is when taking the longest and highest cable car and walking on the highest glass plank.

Tianmenshan National Forest Park

Tianmenshan National Forest Park

Tianmenshan National Forest Park is a national 5A scenic spot where is filled with ancient trees, vines and mosses, when you entering the center, you can inhale fresh and healthy air, and you might feel a slight chill.

Tianshan Mountain is the highest peak and cultural shrine of Zhangjiajie, and it is regarded as No. 1 sacred mountain of west Hunan Province.

1) Tianmen Cave

It is the highest natural cavity in precipice around the world which has 131 meters high, 57 meters wide, 60 meters deep. It’s the only path to Tianmenshan Mountain, when you looking at it, you will think it’s the way to paradise. Whenever the weather is good or bad, you will see its special beauty you’ve never seen. It's intoxicating when the sunset going thought the cave, you might think there is a spirit guiding you to paradise.

2) Glass Skywalk

The cliff path encircles the mountain top, which built by tempered glass and steel. It compares with Grand Canyon Skywalk. It will be a thrilling experience to walk on that road in life. When it’s sunny, you could see the overall magnificent view—immense forest, astonishing waterfall, blue sky and floating clouds etc—which would make you pleasant, but if you look down through the glass, you would be appalled to see how dangerous it is and surprised by wisdom of Chinese people. And it would show another amazing beauty when fog rising, you might think you are in the fairyland and you can float in the air.

3) Tianmen Mountain Cableway: The world’s longest cableway

It has 7455 meters. It begins from City Garden to its summit, you will feel awesome to see the long zigzag road (Heaven-Linking Avenue) and marvelous scenery from the cable. It can carry 1200 persons per hour, 28 minutes per shift.

4) Bailong Elevator

The Bailong Elevator is a transparent glass elevator built onto the side of a huge cliff, and it is 326 meters high. It was recorded into Guinness World Records because it’s the highest, fastest and heaviest outdoor elevator in the world.

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