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Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon

Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon

Tour Code : C2271
Type : Natural landscape
City / Province : Zhangjiajie (Hunan)
Built in :


Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon is famous for its glass bridge, which is said to be the longest and highest glass bridge. Enjoy the best view of the valley and feel the magnificent project when standing on the bridge. Thrilling bungee jumping makes this attraction more enchanting.

Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon

Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon has breathtaking cliffs, plunging waterfalls, the dense trees, streams and ancient veins. It’s a real natural oxygen bar, you can take Bailong Elevator to see Glass Bridge and waterfalls. These attractions coming into view successively.

1) Glass Bridge

It is the longest and tallest glass bottomed bridge in the world. The bridge measures 430 meters in total length and 6 meters in breadth, and is suspended about 260 meters above the ground. It limits the number of visitors 8,000 per day for reservation. Standing on the bridge, you will feel like floating in the air. Besides, you can try Bungee Jumping here, it will be very exciting and challenging, be brave.


2) A Strip of Sky & Sky Ladder Plank Road

‘A Strip of Sky’ is a narrow valley through which only one person can pass at a time. The valley is over 700 meters long with a drop of 300 meters from the beginning to the end. You will see Sky Ladder Plank Road after across it, which is very steep and the planks are narrow and looks like a path to paradise.


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