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Charming Xiangxi Show Photos

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8 Person $54

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10> Person $50

Tour Date

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  • 19:30-21:00


Adults - +
Children - +
3-6 years old
Infants - +
<=2 years old


Charming Xiangxi Show

At the show of ‘Charming Xiangxi', the actors all come from the local Tujia and Miao families, and their fair-sounding singing and multicolored folk finery are the highlights of the party. Performances of Xiangxi Magic and Xiangxi Ganshi (chucking corpse) add to the mysterious and thrilling luster of the show. The performance lasts for three hours, and it provides a window into the soul of the culture of Zhangjiajie.

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Golden Mask Dynasty show is an amazing show, great production, money's worth and a "must see" show in Beijing.
2019-04-24 20:20

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