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Tianmen Fox Fairy Show Photos

Tianmen Fox Fairy Show

Tianmen Fox Fairy----the New Story of Woodman Liuhai is known as the world’s first real-scene musical drama with the high mountains and deep valleys as the stage background. During the show, you can appreciate the flying waterfall, the big moon; you are able to hear the folk songs, which are performed by 100 local singers with silver ornaments; you can enjoy the dance at the same time.

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The Most Popular Zhangjiajie (Hunan) Tour

Tour the Grand Canyon, Tianzi Mountain, Ten-mile Gallery where are full of waterfalls, lush forests, tranquil lakes, vertiginous peaks etc. View beautiful and stunning scenery as taking the transparent Bailong elevator which is in the list of the Guinness World Records, walking on the world longest and highest glass bridge and taking a cable car down to the foot of Tianzi Mountain. You’ll be served with an informative guide, private air-conditioned car and delicious lunches in the tour. Join us!


2 Days Zhangjiajie Essence Tour

2 days from|$231

You have a chance to glimpse the Avatar Hallelujah Mountain, walk on the Glass Skywalk which built along the abrupt cliff and views idyllic and quintessential scenery. You’ll be provided a local English-speaking guide and transfer service at the airport which could save you lots of time and energy to tour in Zhangjiajie. Just pack your bag and enjoy this wonderful tour.


3 Days Zhangjiajie Tour with Airport Transfer

3 days from|$251

Enjoy the breathtaking and thrilling Glass Bridge at Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon on the day tour, this in-depth tour will let you enjoy the most essence parts of the canyon and grant traveler much time to explore its beauty.


1 Day Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Tour

1 days from|$104

Visit the most highlighted spot in Zhangjiajie within 4 days accompanied by informative tour guide and skillful driver, you’ll marvel at spectacular and breathtaking scenery along the way by visiting Tianzi Mountains, Yuanjiajie, Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon etc, this primitive and riveting landscape will let you overcome nostalgia for hometown, you might think you entered paradise. Take the famous Bailong Elevator and walk on world's challenging transparent bridge and path, I bet you’ll member this precious journey in your lifetime.


4 Days Exploration Tour at Zhangjiajie with Airport Transfer

4 days from|$409
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