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Jinli Ancient Street

Jinli Ancient Street

Tour Code : C1955
Type : Historic sites
City / Province : Sichuan (Chengdu Jiuzhaigou)
Built in : 2004 AD


Jinli Ancient Street is one of the oldest shopping streets in Sichuan Province, and it can be traced back to the Three Kingdoms Period, over 1,800 years ago. The street showcases the culture of Shuhan . Most of the architecture here is of the style of the residences in western Sichuan Province.

Jinli Ancient Street

  Jinli Ancient Street

  Chengdu Jinli Ancient Street was set up and opened for public in 2004. Walking in this street, historic lanes, old official residences, vernacular dwelling, inns and shops will bring you back to the ancient China. The elegant style of the architectures tells you what Sichuan looks like during the Qing Dynasty. Sichuan Culture isin this ancient street.

  Recovery by Chengdu  Temple Museum, Jinli as a part of(the Three Kingdom historic, Jinli folk custom area, west side), the total length of 550 meters, the street is now Chengdu famous pedestrian street, so-called " first street of west Sichuan ", is known as the "Riverside Scene at Qingming Festival Chengdu Version ".

  in 2005 was named as one of the "national top ten city commercial Pedestrian Streets", and as famous as Beijing Wangfujing, Wuhan Jianghan Road, Chongqing Jiangfangbei Pedestrian Street, Tianjin Heping Road and other famous old streets.

  Within the area, there are also hotels, restaurants, teahouses, bars and cafés. The street is very popular with both locals and tourists, especially at night.


  In Jinli, you can not miss snack. More famous and delicious foods are buckwheat noodle, Sandapao, Chinese crispy bread with beef, yellow fermented glutinous rice, fried sugar pastry ball, and so on. Sweet noodle, cold noodles with sesame sauce, and pot-stewed meat or fowl. And Fried stinky tofu, fried yam are also the famous snack of Sichuan snacks.

  There are a lot of snacks of nearby county that are difficult to buy in downtown Chengdu, but you can find it in Jinli. Zhangfei beef produced in Sichuan Langzhou, appearance is black, not good-looking, and it use first-class beef mixed with special flavoring, unique flavor. And there are snacks such as juicy beef balls, oil tea, and hot and sour rice noodle. In general, the snacks in Jinli street taste original, affordable, you certainly don't forget to taste them when you come to Jinli Street. Sichuan snack has a long history and a wide range of each flavor. Jinli Snack Street collects many Sichuan famous snacks.

  The fried sugar pastry ball here is a little sour and rolled with white sesame seed, exterior covered with brown and crisp batter, which locks the flavor right in for your enjoyment. And it has another name, called glutinous rice sesame balls.

  Chinese Crispy Breed with Beef

  Chinese Crispy Breed with Beef also called Chinese Crispy Cake with Beef, Chinese Crispy Pie with Beef. What's best about the snack is its fatty-but-not-greasy taste and fragrant tender, it is really delicious.

  Sweet Noodle

  Sweet Noodle is using the elastic and thick noodle, cooking in a large saucepan of boiling water until elastic chewy.

  Steamed Rice Cake

  It is a rice cake steamed with the rice of big stickiness, white rice cake is made by rice and yellow rice cake is made by coarse rice, which is delicious.

  How to get to Jinli Street

  By bus

  Taking Bus No.1, 57, 82 to Wuhou Temple stop, or taking bus No.82, 109 to Nanjiao Road stop.

  By subway

  Taking subway line No.1 to Huaxiba station.

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