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Residence of General Joseph W. Stilwell

Residence of General Joseph W. Stilwell

Tour Code : C2196
Type : Museum
City / Province : Chongqing
Built in : 1942


Residence of General Joseph W. Stilwell was founded to commemorate Joseph W. Stilwell (1883 - 1946), an American general who contributed a great deal to Chinese people. Now,It has turned into the museum and opened to the public in 1991, tens of thousands of visitors from home and abroad have been there.

Residence of General Joseph W. Stilwell

 The Residence of General Joseph W. Stilwell was established to commemorate Joseph W. Stilwell, an American general who made a significant contribution to China and her people during the Second World War. The museum was opened to the public in 1991, and receives tens of thousands of domestic and foreign visitors every year. William Pace, a former American Secretary of Defense, paid a special visit to the museum in 1994 and was greatly moved by the real-life scenarios depicted within and also by the excellence of the building’s preservation. The museum has been rebuilt and expanded several times, but still maintains its original style.
General Joseph Warren Stilwell (March 19, 1883 - October 12, 1946) was a United States Army four-star General best-known for his service in China and Burma. At the beginning of 1942, General Joseph Warren Stilwell, a four-star U.S. Army general, acting under the orders of US President Franklin D. Roosevelt, arrived in China to assume the position of Commander-in-Chief of Allied Forces in the China-Burma-India Theater (CBI). The residence became the headquarters of theIndia Theater during that period. General Stilwell participated in a series of political and military affairs in the CBI Theatre of World War II, and cemented a profound friendship with the Chinese people fighting side-by-side in the War in China. In July 1944, campaigns in Northern Burma succeeded and a road between India and China was built under his direct supervision, which made ammunitions and weapons accessible to China and brought an end to the blockade of the fascist state. The road was later named Joseph W. Stilwell Road. President Roosevelt recalled General Stilwell to Washington in 1944.
In memory of outstanding contributions General Joseph W. Stilwell made on againstwith Chinese people and maintaining and developing the Sino-American friendship, General Joseph W. Stilwell Research Center and General Joseph W. Stilwell Museum were founded in Chongqing City on October, 1991 by local government and Chinese international friends association. The full renovations during May, 2002 to March, 2003 have evolved the museum into a wonderful 24-hour apron, which facilitates and enhances exchanges and cooperation in science, technology, military, history, education and other fields between China and America. It attracts all kinds of China-USA exchange activities each year and many visitors such as, American students, scholars, World War II veteran, politicians and officers come here by its reputation.
In order to present a full and vivid official residence picture of General Joseph W. Stilwell, the house was restored to its original form in 2002 and was formallyto the public on March.19th. The main building of the museum is the former residence of General Joseph W. Stilwell. It is a two-storied house with basement, including an office, an adjutant room, two meeting rooms and bedrooms. The Museum mainly exhibits the historical materials, and pictures concerning General Stilwell and his mission in Chongqing, such as information about the famous WWII Flying Tigers and Hump Route. In the residence's courtyard, there are many jeeps parked there and the bust of Joseph W. Stilwell.

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