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Shennv Stream

Shennv Stream

Tour Code : C2432
Type : Natural landscape
City / Province : Chongqing
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Visit a fast flowing stream with a narrow channel locally known as a beauty stream surrounded by steep mountains, narrow gorges and a rich history. An important stop along Yangtze River Cruise.

Shennv Stream


Shennv Stream is situated south of Wu Gorge that is about 29 kilometers from Wushan county covering a length of 15 kilometers. The stream originates from Guandu District in Wushan County and most of its area is untouched in its natural form. The beauty of the stream came to be known after three gorges were made to store water in a quaint scenery that is home to narrow gorges and a small village with a countable number of families. The stream also includes a 10 km untraversed primitive valley.

The scenery at this Shennv Stream is characterized as that which is full of surprises in the midst of mountain ranges. Shennv stream came about through the construction of three gorges and after September 2006 tourists became able to take cruise ships to visit the Shennv Stream.


Things to see and do on a visit

Gorgeous Natural Scenery

The environment of this stream is quiet scenic with numerous peaks such as Feifeng Peak, Cuiping Peak, Jingtan Peak, Palm Peak, Cuiping Peak, Qiyun Peak, Shangsheng Peak and Sleeping beauty Peak.

Cuiping Peak

Cuiping Peak is very pleasing to the eyes attracting many visitors to explore its emerald beauty as they take a local motorboat to drift along the western banks of the Goddess stream.

Feifeng Peak

Feifeng Peak is also known as the Flying Phoenix Peak and it is located on the western banks of Shennv Stream standing at a height of 740 kilometers. The peak looks like a Phoenix flying up to the sky at the same time looking like it is drinking water from Shennv Stream. This visible feature is what gave the peak its name Feifeng (Flying Phoenix)

Qiyun Peak

Qiyun Peak is situated 8 kilometers away from the east of Qingshi Town where the clouds remain misty throughout the four seasons hence its name Qiyun which means rising clouds in Chinese. Visitors find the peak relaxing and quiet beautiful with changing light clouds rising from the lower to the upper parts of the mountain.

Shangsheng Peak (Rising Peak)

Shangsheng Peak is located on the eastern side of the banks of Shennv Stream and are 780 meters high. This peak looks like wings of a giant eagle flying to the clouds with one peak steeper than the other. Locals call the peak the “Eagle Rock”.

Jingtan Peak

This is the prettiest peak that is located on the southern side of Shennv Stream at a height of 1,020meters. During sunset from the peak, visitors can enjoy a fairytale view created from multiple mountains and forests near the peak.

Sleeping Beauty Peak and Palm Peak

The sleeping beauty peak is located at the mouth of Shennv Stream looking like a real sleeping beauty lying on the side. This peak is a really beautiful scene. The palm peak on the hand looks like an outstretched palm of the Buddha with the thumb facing the side part. These two peaks give a very fascinating view of the city.

Different landscapes

Aside from the obvious water landscape at the steam which is clear and green, there are other unique landscapes to admire throughout the seasons and especially between autumn to early winter where mountains get dressed in red outfits. The area in Wushan is a habitat for over 200 different varieties of trees of different shapes and sizes attracting tourists to appreciate the most of the beauty.

Suspended Coffin 

Visitors can also get to discover a unique yet queer culture of suspended coffins hanging on a cliff at the Shennv Stream.


Now it becomes a new highlight of Yangtze River Cruise.

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