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Chongqing Noodles Photos

Chongqing Noodles

  Chongqing noodles

  Chongqing noodles is one of the four characteristics of Chongqing.When it comes to the impression of Chongqing,people usually think of the Hot pot,the capital of bridge,the city of mountain.But Chongqing noodles is more popular,more close to people than Hot pot in Chongqing.

  Chongqing noodles all use dietary alkali noodles,there are two kinds of dietary alkali noodles:one is fresh noodles with plenty of water,the other is after drying, it is easy to save and more suitable to make Chongqing noodles at home.Followed by seasoning,a delicious Chongqing noodles usually need about fifteen seasonings.Although the fifteen seasonings are not expensive,but they are the soul of Chongqing noodles.They usually including:soy sauce, chicken essence, spicy oil, ginger, garlic, leek , bean sprouts, mustard, lard, sesame, pepper, fried peanuts,in addition, you can add peas or beef tablets and so on.Of course, these rich seasoning, is more reflect to the four characteristics of Chongqing noodles:pepper, spicy, fresh, fragrant.The pepper is made by pepper of Sichuan,a good Chongqing noodles generally use two kinds of pepper,green pepper and red pepper,to make it pepper but not astringent.Spicy oil is the essence of seasoning,and also the key to the taste of spicy.If a Chongqing noodles shop uses three or four species of chili,it can be the very good Chongqing noodles.To do it like that is to make the Chongqing noodles spicy but not dry,spicy and incense,to make it bright in color at the same time.Fresh is also important,the soy sauce is good or not,chicken essence or monosodium glutamate ,these are all have direct effects on the fresh of Chongqing noodles.The fragrant comes from lard and broth.

  Chongqing noodles is the only commonly accepted pasta by the southerner in Chongqing.The Chongqing people like Chongqing noodles no less than Hot pot,Chongqing people like Chongqing noodles  is not a addiction, but a kind of dependence.Every morning, the stall of the street side is particularly prosperous.Although some shop’s decoration is not very good,even if roadside stand.In front of the noodles stalls,there are staff,laborers,students,all kind of people,they all waiting for a bowl of Chongqing noodles.The Chongqing people who come home from other city,if they can not eat Hot pot,they are sure to eat bowl of Chongqing noodles.

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